Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dawg Gets It Right

"The vocals were a bit of a trainwreck."

Oooo. Hearing Randy finally state the obvious for me (sorry Maine) felt like vindication, but seeing the reaction on Castro's face was heart-stopping, simply because he's been riding high on luck as far as I'm concerned, and has suddenly realised that looks and sighs ain't gonna pull him through. Possible bottom three?

Syesha gave good show, but man did she irritate me, asking SIR ANDREW LLOYD WEBER if it was better to be animated, and then obliging him by doing with/without versions. She belongs in musical theatre, and right now I can't tell if I'm being nice or nasty. Seems like she will be staying another week after that performance though.

Brooke. That's the second time she has pulled a "No, wait, I started bad, I wanna start again, okay, I'm ready now." She's sorta up herself. Didn't like her performance, what with all the expression on her face, all twitchy and up and downy. She's tiring to watch.

And also, Paula paused for like, six seconds, with her eyes closed, before she could summon up what she had to say. Coming from her, that says a LOT! And then Brooke's reaction to Simon's judgment, was like she was humbled, and it made her look good. And it was sincere. Still want her out.

Archuleta. Normally I love that kind of music. Light guitar and piano with latin-y bongos in the background. Like adult contemporary bordering on Muzak. Bee Gee perfection. But something Sir Andrew said, which was that he should keep his eyes open, reminded me about why I am not all excited about David Archuleta. He seems a little absent. Blank. Like he's going through the motions, performing. Though I love the tone and timbre of his voice, he doesn't strike me as someone with charisma, like a pop idol should. Perhaps he is just young. He can hardly deal with compliments, if you notice. And he doesn't seem to say much really.

Did Andrew Llyod Weber tell Carly a girl with a chesty voice shouldn't be singing a girly song like All I Ask Of You? And then make her sing the most rollicking song of rollicking musicals, Jesus Christ Superstar? Uhuh, yes he did! That's why he's Sir Andrew! And Simon is back in the fold, yes! Is Carly not the sexiest thing when she's in her element? She's got lungs, and enough attitude to blow Syesha and Brooke out of the water. Top Three, Carly! Top Three!

David Cook, you have opened my eyes. I love you now. How did I not see? You do have a disproportionately humungous head, and I still want Carly to win. But I like you now, and I forgive you for making me think you were creepy. Maybe it's just that you sang Music Of the Night and I love it because it's a creepy guy singing creepily to a girl who is creeped out by him and at the same time, totally diggin' it.

Bottom Three - Brooke, Jason, Syesha.

Top Three - David A, Carly, David C.

I do have the shocking sensation that David Archuleta may possibly be in the bottom three.

We shall see, we shall see....


machfairy said...


she's out.


mamasan said...

Sigh. Though I am not shocked, I am a very sad bunny.

All the best, Carly.



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