Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog Offline

Due to the depressing but not unexpected news that Carly has been kicked off Idol, and the stunning realisation that either one or more of Brooke, Syesha or Jason will be in the final three, Goldenoro is taking at least an hour off to mourn the state of affairs.

Meantime, I have to pin my hopes on another Idol, and I have decided that Creepy Boy is the one. David Cook has unveiled himself as my new frontrunner. America, don't fail me now.



MsFigure said...

We're in the same state of depression..I'm really shocked and saddened by Carly's departure.

I'm wearing black today, inside and out as a sign of mourning. Infact, I'll wear black until Jason Castro is out. If he's in the final, I'll wear black for the rest of my life - seriously!

mamasan said...

at least he sorta had the decency to look like he knew he didn't deserve to be there, ha!


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