Thursday, March 6, 2008


Who's out this week?

Luke and Danny gave the worst performances. Danny has a chance with the popularity vote.

The other six gave pretty good performances. It's possible Chikezie possibly won't go much further even tough he sounded good. Simon is right, he's more cabaret than soul or even RnB.

Notable performances were Jason Castro, who returned to form after last week's dud showing, and David Archuleta, of course. Keep on deep-breathing David!

Michael Johns I thought made the right song choice, in the sense that he identified himself with Michael Hutchence, even though it was a Simple Minds song. Popular consciousness is a mysterious thing... However I thought he didn't sing so well this week. Still, he will be through to the top four if not top two.

David Cook. Sigh. He did really well, I grudgingly accept. But I still feel as if I was crawled over by some creepy thing.

So: Luke and Danny, possibly Chikezie.

One thing that seemed to jump out at me was how close to obvious it seemed that some of them were playing the image game. I thought David Archuleta speaking about his embarrassing moment during his fundraising activities was bordering on playing the sympathy card. But even though the cynical idea sprang into my head, my rational eye told me that sincerity was David's way. And maybe he's much smarter (ooo, cunning?) than people think his innocent little butt is. I still love David A.

On the other hand, Paula... You know when someone asks you your opinion and you want to be honest, and a little of that shows on your face as you are about to speak, but then you see the hope or desperation in your their and you think for a moment that you have the power to crush these people, really, but you can't look like you're enjoying it, or worse, indifferent to it, so you start pulling platitudes and backhanded undercutting sortof compliments out of the air and throwing them behind you as you run from honesty and fairness... that's what Paula came across as last night. Some contestants were visibly confused by her tangential judging style. Simon said it once. She's torturing them and it's unfair because they aren't getting an honest opinion.

I've often wondered whether the producers are forced to keep her on because she is so popular with the (idiot) masses. Do they toss and turn, knowing they are forcing what seems to be a rambling lunatic to remain on contract?


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