Friday, March 7, 2008

Girls just wanna zzzzzzz......

Hayayai! I was mostly unsinspired by the snoozefest last night.

Mostly predictable as Simon would say. Predictable because the ones who gave good vocal performances simply didn't deliver that special something. Asia'h, Kristy Lee, Ramiele. Then there was Kady, who was sounded so off to me, though I don't remember the judges picking her up on that. Syesha... I dont want her to win, though it seems she has the goods. She's definitely safe, unless America agrees with me that she's too smug and votes her off this week.

What's happening with Amanda Overmeyer? She seemed a little distracted or uninterested in what the judges had to say. Is that what insecurity does to a gutsy girl who has probably faced death in her line of work? Something's up. And I don't think it's insecurity.

My girls Carly and Brooke brought it, dawg! I love Carly, yet agree with Simon: she is too big for the song she chose and ultimately it did her no favours.

Who will be out? Kady. Kristy Lee or Amanda.



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