Sunday, July 22, 2007

Have Ya Missed Me?

Sorry for being absent - I have been disloyal and found myself a new distraction - Facebook! Register and visit me here.

But that's not all I have been doing - I have been practising my ACTING! I was cast as Mrs Stockmann in Henrik Ibsen's "Enemy of the People". So in less than two weeks my play will begin, and I am still having trouble getting my cues (and I only have a quarter of the lines of the main characters!). This particular problem is called "lack of focus" and "tendency to be distracted".

If you have ever felt like nobody listens to you when it's most important, or like the community is never going to learn to do the right thing, or that you are a single voice trying to be heard, I would recommend this play to you. Also, it is a chance to check out Na'a Murad (Kelantanese gangster in Baik Punya Cilok), Razif Hashim (Gol & Gincu: The TV Series, The Goodbye Boys, Mystery 6 and Jeff's Place) live and in the flesh, or to see Joanna Bessey's (Waris Jari Hantu, Mimpi Moon, Kopitiam, Island FM, Lux Soap Ads) directing talent.

So if you wanna check it out, here are the details:

"...the strongest man in the world is the man who stands most alone."

4-12 August, Sat-Sun and Tues to Sun
8.30pm except Sundays, at 3pm

RM35/ RM20 (students, senior citizens & the disabled)
10% discount for purchase of any two, or 20% discount for purchase of tickets for all three Black Box Festival shows
Ticket Contact : KLPac: 03-4047 9000; TAS@BSC: 03-2094 9400

Hope to see you there!
Lovey, C


dJ phuturecybersonique said...

aahhh! so that's what you're up to when i saw you (and na'a and razif) at klpac the other day! coolness! insya-Allah, will make it a point to catch it.

mamasan said...

goodo! see you then!

mafiaries said...

where is mr.shauki?If you notice,people is talking bad about him since he didnt keep his words to write on the 27th as promised.

Anyway,thanks for stopping by at my blogs!Later, I bring Maisarah to join the kodok clan,yuh..heheh.


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