Friday, November 24, 2006


Got tickets to see my favourite most-re-runned musical of the year, Puteri Gunung Ledang, down in Singapore. Hubby boo will be attending the wedding of a close friend and so shall join me there on Saturday. Tomorrow morning I shall be bussing down with me mates Panini and Groovy Anne and I shall spend the day looking for underwear and watching movies. Also sitting around carressing a coffee cup and watching stressed out Singaporeans wishing they could be in Malaysia by the beach.

As for the hubby recorder situation, he has not played since that one night. He's really very good. Sometimes it sounds like a seruling, and he plays very well by ear. It's just such an odd little thing for a big guy like him to be playing, and such a surprise for me learn about.

Mengapa aku masih diduga dan terus diperuji, sedangkan setia telah ku bukti?

My pebret song, Hang Tuah's solo. I'll be waving at him from the audience, yooohooo, its meeee!

Lovey, C

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she-shima said...

my pebret song too...

Sometimes i felt like what else to prove... or it is true some people just dun really care??


Anyway i had great, great time in Singapore too.. Thank u very, very much!!!!


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