Sunday, November 19, 2006

After Nine Years Of Marriage...

... I discover that hubby boo has been keeping things from me. Prior to our marriage he felt it well within his right not to reveal to me this heinous act of secrecy, and now, after so long, the truth is finally out and I really do not know how to deal with the shocking revelation.

He is a master recorder player!!

How could he keep this from me? Why did he not want to tell me?

I watched dumbstruck as he began playing the theme from Airwolf on this tiny dark brown recorder which had been lying about the office for years. He even had the gall to leave the evidence lying about under my very nose! Ah, the irony still astounds me.

When I confronted him he claimed that he had always played around on the recorder. I was speechless. Then came the accusations. I said he must have had a wild few months in which he learnt that scandalous fingering. No, he protests. I have been like this since school. I roll my eyes. Puh-lease! Innocent children do not start playing around on the recorder unless they are forced into it by unscrupulous adults.

It's true, he claims - and then starts playing a medley of Duran Duran and Wham.

Still reeling,



dJ phuturecybersonique said...

hmmm... a rendition of wham and duran duran medley on the recorder. could you do us a favor and, ahem, "record" that please? :D

Anonymous said...

ROTFL!!! Chris, you do realise that you can make money on the side recording your husband's antics? =P

I agree with the DJ, I want to see him do wham & duran duran with the recorder! YouTube it!! hehehehehe... ^_~

Anonymous said...

I could do the airwolf thingy, and even nescafe (thanks to my teacher forcing me into a stageshow), but Wham and Duran2, my vote's with dj and lily!

record the recorder!

Anonymous said...

Funneee, funneeee... I love this post! How dare he indeed, LOL!

vagus said...

how that's a theme i haven't heard in a long long time


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