Friday, October 13, 2006

A Question of Interpretation

Looking over my recent posts, I have received a gentle reminder from Anonymous about my ignorance of Islam (in particular the Koran, but I don't know why it is assumed I haven't read it. Perhaps I don't quote it verbatim or read it in Arabic, but I think I understand what you need to do to be good ad what it is to be weak).

I don't know how much further I can state my case because after a while it all becomes a question of semantics, mere wordplay. Check out this misunderstanding about my interpretation of "good" and "religious" in the comments box of this post.

Anyway, woul be interested to hear your comments if you have any.

Lovey, C


Unknown said...

can I comment on something else?It's just I can't bear reading through red background and dark red fonts (pardon my lacking in color name's vocab, I'm just a typical guy), and it makes me dizzy literally. so I think, apart from being misinterpreted by wrongly read/written words, misinterpretation by low readibility level may be a cause.

If it's me, I'd choose white over red, but that's just me. This IS your blog, and contents are a bigger deal than words.

btw, missed curi-curi amek gamba your pwintheth (did i spell it right?), but I took a pic of their doodle on the wall as a sub(:p)

Anonymous said...

I think that, generally, people are quick to ascribe spurious significance to certain results or conditions, or words, for that matter, be it 'good', 'bad', and all in between. With this, comes the implied sources of causation (of the ascribed significance), e.g. lack of understanding of certain religious texts.

Next, we will then seek confirming evidence in suport of our views while turning a blind eye to those that discounts our view.

Given the above, no two values are the same and no two intrepertations are downright similar. So yes, although a gentle reminder may be needed/warranted in certain circumstances, who, then, reminds the 'remindor'?

What do you reckon?

p/s - Ye gads, the comment's a little wordy. This is what one get by working for too long on one's research. One morphs into a textbook. *lol* My tongue needs un-twisting!

Anonymous said...

The 'remindor' is reminded by others who share the faith...thts wht its all about, reminding 'each other'. No one is perfect.

Oh well...maybe those who don't belive



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