Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pressed for Press

A couple of articles appeared in the press today regarding the Flight Attendants' Associations supposed decision to sue the Producers of Buli Balik (Grand Brilliance, Vision Works, Tall Order Productions) for the alleged libellous representation of a stewardess within the film.

Sigh. I do respect the rights of people who might feel misrepresented or cast in a bad light by a third party, I really do. I assume the press saying that they are really suing is the truth, and if so, I can't help but wonder what happens if it all goes through and a legal precedent is set - that noone can say anything about anyone in case they happen to be sensitive and take you to court. Feels like Rights-On-Overdrive if you ask me. When will it ever be possible to make any kind of honest or even fictitious comment without it possibly offending someone or some insect or some thing????

I guess being on the receiving end is no fun, particularly if you feel the jibe is personal. But hey, has there ever been a housewife in this world who tried to sue a company for showing a stereotypically hagard, dowdy, nagging, slightly psychotic, and/or frigid housewife in a film? Noooo. She would be laughed out of court.

It is fiction, dudes. Laugh a little.


I am looking on the bright side - I have always felt a little publicity (good or bad) is good. Since we are about to start filming Los Dan Faun (Sunday morning in Melaka), a little limelight seems good to me. At the very least, people who might not normally be interested in Afdlin, but who have great interest in legal cases and/or the MAFAA's image, would wonder who Afdlin is and maybe check out his movie or follow the publicity about him in the upcoming weeks.

Since we have been a little kelang kabut, we haven't had a kenduri for the start of the film, so I am offering up a little prayer for our production here:

Bismillahirahmanirahim. May our hearts and feet be light and our souls thankful for having purposeful work and a desire to create something beautiful. May the good souls who have had our backs for so long be blessed, healthy and happy: Shima, Frank, Shada and the Gang, Tommy and Ashraff, O, Helmi and his Top Ten, Faiz, the Sexy Crew and of course, the Gorgeous and Talented Cast. May the light of inspiration shine down upon our Resident Genius Afdlin, and may love and kindness be the source of all our actions. Amin.

I have a confession to make: although I gave Afdlin an ultimatum to stop smoking, I didn't quite include the conditions that would be relevant to me. So, now that he has (extremely) suddenly quit smoking, I have been caught unawares and am having a real struggle to quit!! Though, in my defense, Afdlin has been having such trouble breathing that if he hadn't stopped for baby reasons, he would have stopped for breathing reasons (I know, I know, lame excuse Christina).

May I say that my diet has improved, and that I am consuming more vegetables than I think I have in my lifetime...

Lovey, C

And Now For Something Completely Frivolous:
Mayakins ( tagged me about doing this, which I had already read somewhere else (was it discoquette edwin?).

What you do is set your MP3 player on shuffle and ask it (rather like a magic 8 ball with multiple-word answers) the following questions. As each question comes up, you read the next song title, which will be your answer.

I must warn you that my taste in music is unabashedly pop.


How does the world see me?

Seasons of Love - Stevie Wonder/Rent
"Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes, Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Moments, Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes, How do you measure, measure a year?"

(Aw, beautiful. Alternatively it could mean I'm a real drag to be around)

Will I have a happy life?

I Am the Resurrection - The Stone Roses/Stone Roses

One of my fave bands, and, gosh I so love that this song is the answer!! (Note that I do not think of this as a religious song at all - it's really a song about attitude)

Oooops. I just hit the shuffle button again and the whole lineup changed. I shall continue on with a new shuffle, skipping the first two songs, shall I? How like me to jinx my own reading.

What do people really think of me?

Superstar (Jesus Christ Superstar) - Klaus Wunderlich/(Moog Instrumental) Hits Again2

Not only is it a cheesy rendition of a musical theme song about some sacred subject matter, it is a Moog, no less, that kind of carnivalesque organ sound from the 60s. Yikes.

Do people secretly lust after me?

Harus Bagaimana - Maliq and D'essentials/Maliq and D'Essentials

Besides the first part before the chorus sounding like it totally belongs in a soft porn video, the song is about a guy who has fallen in love with a childhood friend, but, he asks, is it true love, or just circumstance that has stirred these feelings?

How can I make myself happy?

Upon these Stones (Building the Barricade) - Les Miserables / Original Broadway Recording
"Here upon these stones we will build our barricade, In the heart of the city we claim as our own, Each man to his duty, and don't be afraid..."

I take this to mean I have to realise what my boundaries are and make a stand for what I believe in (I really am such a pushover)

What should I do with my life?

Punk Animals - Shonen Knife/Unknown
"He is a cow with a mohawk, He likes the Dead Kennedies
Fighting, Fighting, Fighting with his family
He insists he isn't happy
She can't bring her friends home.
Mama can say, drink your milk,
He moos, Leave me alone.
He's a rude cow, we've got to get him off the band
He's obnoxen, he's going to do himself harm..."

As you can see, the message here is to have fun.

What would be good advice for me?

Hey Mambo - Dean Martin
"Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano
Hey Mambo, You mixed up Siciliano
...take some advice paesano, learn how to mambo
if you're going to be a square, you're not gonna get anywhere..."

Loosen up and have some fun, Christina, mambo mama!

What do I think my current theme song is?

Faded - Soul Decision
"When I get you all alone, I'm gonna take off all your clothes..."

Sigh, despite the lyrics, this really is because the music is so floppy-haired/denim overalls inspired boy band-ish, cheesy, disco, full on macho attitude coupled with totally gay looking guys. I swear, if you got me in a good mood and feeling uninhibited, I would break into a Take That dance combo just for attention.

What does everyone think my currect theme song is?

It's Still rock and Roll With Me - Billy Joel
"What's the matter with the clothes I'm wearing, can't you tell that your tie's too wide?"

HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! So does this mean people think I am out of touch, or do they think I think I am out of touch (but really, Iam in touch...) And to think it was only ten years ago I was still making fun of my parents being "classic".

What song will play at my funeral?

Wedding Qawwalli - Sukhwinder Singh / Bombay Dreams Musical

Since I have no idea what they are singing about, I shall go on gut instinct and proclaim that this song signifies my reunion with the earth, and the blessed celebration that will be!

What type of men do you like?

Promise - Utada Hikaru (english version)
"Promise Me, Promise Me... That your love will never ever change... That you will never make me weep... and I will do all I can to be your everything... please don't say maybe..."

I suppose this means men with integrity, or a fear of women crying...

What's my day going to be like?

Chaiyya Chaiyya - Bombay Dreams

But what does it mean? Can anyone tell me? The opening sounds like sunrise. But then it could be all about something morbid.

Why am I here?

Bedshaped - Keane

Before you all make assumptions about what this means, listen to the lyrics, lah! Only thing is I can't decide if my voice is the singer's or the subject's.

What will people remember me for?

I Don't Wanna Cry - Mariah Carey
"Once again we sit in silence, after all that's said and done, only emptiness inside us, baby look what we've become."

Oh dear. Well, let's forget the lyrics and listen to how beautifully crafted the song is...

Are there people outside waiting to take me away?

No Es Lo Mismo - Alejandro Sanz

Aaargh!!! What does it mean? So should I open my door or not?? I think I shall be spening some time on the net trying to find the meaning to all these song titles...

However I should point out that this song was, I think, Sexy Sanz's crossover hit, so, maybe it portends a happy move to some other side?

What will this year be about?

Loosen Up My Buttons - Pussycat Dolls

Well. Casting a careful eye over the nature of the song titles I got, either the message is to have fun, loosen up and let go, or be totally in the dark and try using my intuition to "feel" my way to meaning.

Totally Fun!


Mimitchi said...

Hey mamasan!

That was fun!! I love reading your blog - it's so interesting. My blog aspires to be like yours... haha... Can I link you to my blog?

Thanks for doing the tag thing...


mamasan said...

of course you can! and as soon as i get organised (my life motto) i shall link you too, or have i already? so, when i get organised, i'll also check if i haven't already done it!

lovey, c

atenah said...

i read afdlin's blog, he's so mad abt it that I worry that it might effect his health. tell him to shrug it off, itu mmg perangai tipikal Msians tu, asyik nak melatah.


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