Friday, April 7, 2006

Frivolous Friday

Arrived at work to be greeted with yet another day of non-connectivity (thank you phone company), so went on back home to continue work there. Have answered as many emails as I can and have yet to start making my phone calls, but, since I have to leave in about half an hour, I decided to catch up on my blogging, and what better way than with another Top Ten!

(in no particular order)

Bob Blumer
What better way to impress the chicks than having a studly car and a way with your hands? Bob's toastmobile and easy moves around the kitchen signal a wry sense of humour and ultraconfidence. With his ska-retro appeal and easy-cheesy recipes, Bob's as odd to look at as his hair. But crinkly eyes and a smile that could shine mirrors makes Blumer one of my pebrets.

Colin Firth
Before Colin got famous being Darcy in Bridget Jones, he was busy breaking hearts being Darcy on the BBC. Oh, have I said all this before? Ok, so I guess you understand just what kind of standing Colin Firth has with me :)

SImon Cowell
Sardonic, twisted and refreshingly English in the bubblegum world of Idol. This guy knows who he is and what he likes and he stands by what he thinks and says - I mean, has anyone ever see him in anything other than a black t-shirt? That says something about sticking to your guns, by Jove! Truth of it is, everyone wants to hear what Simon has to say, and even when people boo him for his flat honesty, everyone's thinking there's truth in what he said, and wishing they had the guts tobe as honest to their boss every day.

Sir David Attenborough
I once watched Attenborough go belly-down under an anthill into which a camera and lights had been squeezed along with him. As he was starting his spiel to camera, the ants started swarming over him and biting, and though he twitched with every bite, he kept on going till he was told to get out of there. If you want to know what passion is, what open-eyed wonderment kept fresh after decades is, and what being humbled by the creations of God and nature is, Sir Attenborough is your (my) man.

Jamie Oliver
Despite the fact that he has a lisp as thick as they get, Chef Oliver with his casual style and self-effacing good humour (not to mention delish dishes) captured the heart of a nation and parts of the world. Boyish, cute, this Oliver showed gumption when he took on community complacency and changed the way British school children eat. His indignation and tenacity won meover, especially when I saw what he had to go through personally on his School Break programme. I admire his guts and dimples too.

Joe Rogan
Surprisingly, it ain't for his looks, cause though he might appeal to loads of ladies, he looks a little too swarthy for me. But I am not one to let good looks get in the way - it's this guy's actions which appeal most. Ever notice how he acts towards people who start to falter in a challenge? If it's someone nice and good, he goes right in to their side and starts talking like a coach, and he does it with heart, something I adore seeing in anyone. Go Rogan.

Nigel Barker
A little kooky looking, Nigel looks best seated right next to Janice Dickinson. Really, it's his reactions to her craziness and his willingness to jump in with her insanity that appeals most, particularly because he's a particularly straight-laced judge, married and hard to please. As Janice would say, Bite me, Barker.

William Peterson
Gil Grissom, the personification of driven geekiness, obsessive, distracted, tantalisingly restrained. William Peterson brought Gil to life, though he was a bit of a film star already (see him as Reese Witherspoon's concerned dad in the movie she did with Mark Wahlberg)

David Caruso
Horatio Crane, stylish, compassionate, sexy, yet with albino-esque skin and red hair. Need I elaborate on the power of this guy to overcome seemingly major physcial setbacks? Caruso rules, man.

The Lost Boy(s)

MAtthew Fox
After the saccharine sweetness of thirtysomething Matthew looks rather lovely in Lost. I also love the complexity of his role. Leader, saviour, yet sometimes tortured and haunted - ooo, what girl wouldn't want to be in on the psychosis??! Girls can also indugle a bit of mothering because he knows how to take it without looking like a mamma's boy.

Reserve Players
NAveen Andrews
I used to watch him in all sorts of b-grade or made for tv films. I just knew his face. Then I saw him in an art film where he played a sikh security guard being pursued by his english pre-war mistress of the house. It was her fascination with his otherness that caused her to fall in love, and one lovely moment is when Naveen (with his beautiful black hair down to his waist in the movie) is washing outside in the garden over a tub of water. As she approaches him, flicks his hair up and back, and the whole moment is captured in slow motion. Not only does he flick his hair in a very adept manner (it's hard to do without looking gay, come on!), we get a lingering shot of his muscular shoulders and bare torso....

Josh Holloway
Blue eyes, dimples to die for and that bad-boy Sawyer that he plays, oo, someone we can watch with both desire and disgust, all at the same time. Most appealing when he smoulders with jealousy....

Anthony Bourdain
Gangly New York Frenchy very much in touch with his inner glutton and indolent! Like a real butch Jit Murad, sardonic, dry and slightly tough, though worth the bite!

(in no particular order)

Steve Irwin
Those stubbies (his shorts of choice)! That hair (mullet)!

Karan the Koffee MAn
Can be clever but is self-indulgent. I only watch the show for the guests (kinda like playboy)

George Costanza (Seinfeld) Not to be confused with Jason Alexander, the actor who plays George.
Jeez, wouldya turn into someone's mother already?

Just an opinion, and a silly one at that!
Lovey, C


Unknown said...

eh, kenapa your cik abang tu takda dlm list you? (:p)

Mimitchi said...

Hi Christina-Mamasan!

Hope you're having a super time in LA! BTW, I've tagged you, and now you're it... And (ok I promise this is actually quite fun)to find out what you have to do, please go to It's quite fun! (This is all DJ Choki's fault...)

p/s - Colin Firth.... hubba hubba and blaaaarrrrrrggghhhhhhh (Homer Simpson-type drooling...)

Anonymous said...

i love Bourdain !!!!


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