Sunday, January 22, 2006

"oh, for gawd's sake, Neil, everyone knows sleep gives you cancer!"

I think Rik Mayall said that as Rick from the Young Ones, a Brit sitcom, if one could call it that. I used to memorise chunks of dialogue from that odd show, which was highly entertaining! It was all written by Ben Elton and the guy now famous for Four Weddings, Notting Hill, Love Actually, I think (erk, I can't remember his name). I remember Ben Elton because he used to love to stay in Perth and wrote novels while there.

Nigel Planer, the guy who played Neil went on to movies among other things, Adrian Edmondson was married to Jennifer Saunders and went on to write and sing the title song to Absolutely Fabulous ("Wheels on Fire.."), they guy who played Chris disappeared into oblivion, but he looks like the kind of guy who might play a thug on some cool Brit movie like Snatch. There was a whole bunch of them, who kind of created a few Brit comedy shows which I love very much. There were some short flicks that Peter Richardson got onto TV called "The Comic Strip presents..." and some of them were very funny! My favourites are A Fistful of Travellers' Cheques and The Bullshitters, Since I've only seen about 4 of the 30-odd films, that's not really an indication of which are the best!

Anyway, Rik Mayall is the best! You might better remember him as Lord Flasheart from the Blackadder series with Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) - "Are you happy to see me or is this a canoe in my pocket?!" Or as Fred from the rather silly Drop Dead Fred movie.

Why all this info? Just reminiscing about being a tv addict while at uni. I did a lazy degree - Bach of Arts in english and Theatre Studies. Lazy in that I only had to go in to the uni for about 12 hours a week! BUT the rest was spent reading the weekly books and doing lots of THINKING and ANALYSING and saying the same thing in cleverer, more unusual ways. So I had lots of time at home, plus I got a job at a classics and festival movies video rental place called Mosman Video in Glyde Street, Mosman Park (I wonder if they are still there? Has DVD ruined them forever?) So I got to take home loads of videos all the time.

Those were happy times when I could keep all the money I made (to spend) and be cool and hip and spend all my time finding out more and more about music and movies and pop culture in general. Simple times - but if I could go back there, I wouldn't. Knowing what I do now and having had more experience of life, I would be bored with myself, I think.

15 cigarettes a day. Going backwards fast...

Lovey, C


Anonymous said...

well at least you have found yourself. some people still wandering ..... like ghost with no tombstones....

Edwin Sumun said...

christina dearest... your blog has become very the jadi!

it's been a month and i'm still waiting for my reply from technorati as to why it's banner hasn't appeared on my blog.

and yes, you still make me smile when I read your blog :p

love always.

mamasan said...

actually, i thought my posts were getting a little dry so i decided to put some distractions on the blog!

Lovey, C


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