Monday, January 30, 2006

balancin' on my big blue ball (with pressure points)

In a bid to improve my posture and to avoid that horrible twisted, knotted, tied up feeling in my lower back from sitting too long at the desk, I am perched upon the bright blue exercise ball I got a year ago, and which I am finally putting to use today. Yes, my posture is quite good and yes, it is creating a bit of a sweat because my body is constantly adjusting to the minute changes my movements are causing the rest of my body to make to stay upright and on top.

Unfortunately I lost the pump thingy that came with it, and since it is a little deflated, I am sitting a little low to the ground.

Perhaps the sweat has a little to do with the sweltering heat outside, heat I haven't felt since my last summer in Perth, when the air would boil before my eyes and my skin would smell of toast. Everything always got covered in lime-flavoured sunscreen and sand and the sea air would wreak havoc with newly-washed hair. Everything was crusty and citrus flavoured. The difference is that I would not sweat in Perth because it was so dry. Here, everything goes damp and there is no end to moisture.

We are planning our next Actorlympics! which will happen Wednesday to Sunday 22-26th February 2006. Our theme is "all things Japanese", in keeping with our Sumolah endeavours this year. So keep your diaries free, cos it will be the last time you see live improv comedy till the middle of the year!

Another little list of peeves:

People who listen to you explain a fantastic idea to them, then suddenly interrupt and say, "I know!" and then proceed to repeat the very same thing you just said.
The other people in the conversation who are too blur to realise what's happened and praise the first person (aaarrgh!)
People who change the subject of a discussion and proceed to attack on a completely unrelated topic.
People whose language is always proprietary, accusatory and demanding - a complete window into the kind of people they really are. (Proprietary: everything is "mine" "my" "I" until trouble surfaces/ Accusatory: "Why do you want to know?" when you ask for someone's number/ demanding: "where are you going!?" when you take one route instead of theirs)
People who have expectations of you but hate it when you make any kind of assumption about them and what their obligations are.

Ooooo.. feels good to complain! Well, now that's off my chest! Back to the big blue ball and improving my muscle tone...

Lovey c


ladynina said...

hi chris,

your can improve your posture more by laying on the ball (but you have to pump the ball 1st lah :-p) on your lower core. if this is what you are doing now, then you should add some weight on both of your hand. doesnt matter what is it as long as it gives some weight to your hands. this will improve your posture better.

heehee !

mamasan said...

i suppose i should go out and get a pump....

Anonymous said...

pet peeve #4 really should be higher up on your list.perhaps #1. maybe they should just be shipped off to a remote island with all the other "i-ers" so they can experience what it's like for the rest of us.


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