Sunday, December 11, 2005

restructuring our ong

Some pictures of the renovations we are having done at the office. We had always had an open plan office and were a little hesitant to split the place up into rooms.

However, we are happy with the spaces we now have.

All our peeps have proper little cubicles to lock their offices away into, and the front area is more spacious than we thought.

Now we also have a conference room and an editing and machine room.

Sayonara to the old Works, hello to the new!


ladynina said...

Hi Chris,

Is this the same office in Wangsa Maju? It looks totally new! Heehee.. Look nice tho' still under renovation. But the previous look & feel is more 'friendly', aite? :-p

mamasan said...

Yes, it's the same office, and although not open like before, feels better utilised already!

We can't wait till it's finished, all of us are in limbo and there's lots of cleaning up to do!

;) C

ladynina said...

need hands in those cleaning up thingy? why don't we flash-mob the office too.. heehee.. good huh? :-p

dJ phuturecybersonique said...

at the risk of sounding like lillian too, were there lots of affliction with the previous office layout, mamasan? affliction, y'know! affliction! heehee!

mamasan said...

No, no afflictions, just loads of office space for four people and no functional rooms for the other important stuff, like machine room, editing room, private conference room for all those high-level bincang seshes.

The renos are almost done, now everyone is moving slowly slowly into their cubby holes...



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