Wednesday, December 14, 2005

baby's back!

My man came home a few days ago and now we're back to the daily grind. I was envious of the cold weather he was enjoying while away, but truth be told, the idea of being on the move constantly for a few days seems oh, so tiring to think of...

Our office renos are almost finished, save a few touches we didn't think of, like, you know, powerpoints and stuff.

We're coming up to our show next week and the flyers are out already. In case you don't come across them, here they are in all their finished glory!

Lovey, C


ladynina said...

see y'all next week yah..

p/s : can i get the flyers too? :-p

l o u r e n z a r said...

chris, am bringing home loads of vegemite for you guys..!! afdlin told me the whole family loves it.. really ahh?? am so not a vegemite-friendly.. haha..

i was at your office last week when they started the reno.. and it sure was chaotic!! *pengsan*

nyways, me will cya later!

mamasan said...

Lady Nina, you can have a (small) stack of flyers, as I'm running out already! I think they'll be collectors' items one day - cheh!

Ms Anne I don't think you have fully taken the time and energy to appreciate what a stunning and truly wanton experience downing a buttery vegemite on toast in the morning can be. I suggest you take the opportunity to develop your taste buds while in vegemite land!!

Safe trip!


mamasan said...

Oh, and thanks in advance for the vegemite! Mmmmmm!


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