Saturday, December 3, 2005

making moolah on my ass

Yesterday I went to a chiropractor who cricked me into place and temporarily cured my lower back ache - god it was good! And why am i suffering this malaise? Months and months of sitting on my dimpled butt making money with my fingers and brain.

How? Writing! Finally, after years of calling myself a writer, I am churning out the pages and raking in the dough for real! A glorious feeling to have gotten over what was either laziness or writer's block, I don't know which.

I used to write mini-harlequi romance-type pieces for my friends to read while at boarding school. Then doco scripts, totally dry. A stint at music magazine writing for a local mag, then a long break to offload a couple of sprogs. Finally, now that the kids are old enough to enjoy my company without needing my constant attention, I have the opportunity to write at home - and the jobs are pouring in!

So as my derriere expands to accommodate the weight of my genius, the pressure on my spine has been taking its toll on my lower back.

Lack of exercise, a bad chair and bad posture were the causes, my chiro said. I already knew that I think, but what a way to validate my existence as a writer!!



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