Saturday, December 3, 2005

eblibody's bloody blogging!

I've been reading a few blogs recently - Afdlin Shauki's Inside My Head, Patrick Teoh's Tokkok and Edwin Sumun's Diva Series, thinking, man, I'm in the swing of things, not only am i a reader, i'm a blogger too! Then I noticed all the links everyone had to women further up the evolution line than me, who had gotten it together to get blog-savvy MONTHS ago, despite having kids and proper non-butt-dependent jobs (min and junji can thank me later).

The shame! I can't even give you (so far zero) readers a link to any of the blogs above... and I really think that's pathetic and sad. I'm still trying to decipher the "how do I create links?" most-popularly asked question on the blogspot dashboard.

Maybe I should think up something to make my blog just that little bit more widdit. And phat.

If only I could master the technique of posting pictures...

lovey, C


Edwin Sumun said...

Welkam to the whirl of Blogking!

You can master the art of posting piccies by clicking on the veery small icon of a pic nest to the abc bar when you create a post.

I would loev to see your two girls on the blok.

Next week, I is gonna putting the Actrolypiaspic poster you sent me on my blog!

Edwin Sumun said... can start another blog and call it 'Orowinoco Flow' heheheheheheheh

(my back giving me hell today too)


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