Thursday, April 11, 2013

Craft (and other) Supplies In Kuala Lumpur

Up until a year or two ago, it was awfully hard to come by crafting supplies unless you were already in the business of supplying craft supplies or selling crafty products.
But recently all sorts of supplies that were once hard to come by - for example, jersey knits in textiles, or felt - have become very easy to find and at wonderfully cheap prices too.
So, in brief:
Mid-Valley and various stores in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (Jalan TAR)
Great selection of Japanese and English cotton prints with varying qualities of "feel".
Some plain jerseys as well as poly knits with prints.
Cotton and cotton-feel jerseys are very rare and gone before you know it.
Limited but good selection of novelty or specialty textiles such as fake furs, sequins, paillettes, plush, chenille, pleather and more.
Linen and cotton weaves for pants and shirts are great too.
Great selection of curtain and sofa materials at affordable as well as high-end prices.
Look out for remnant sales. You can get lovely hardy home furnishing textiles for less than RM10 per metre.
Kamdar also has their home-brand uniforms, malay and indian cultural wear, saris and sarongs, head scarfs, underwear and henna dyes.
You can order a limited selection of their textiles online at It has reliable service and delivers anywhere in Malaysia.
Also know there is a store in One Borneo, Kota Kinabalu.
Various stores at Jalan TAR and Carrefour, Wangsa Maju, plus many more.
Fantastic range of low to mid-range manmade, printed textiles for the malay female dress market with some great and sometimes way-out-there designs. You can get enough material for a full baju kurung with less than RM30. Great for your unique homemade skirt or pants.
Also a limited higher end selection of printed silks and manmade fabrics.
Great range of longer-width fabrics in denims, velvets, checks, poly knits in plain and in prints, suit textiles with and without stretch in the weave, and printed felts for pyjamas and crafts.
They have low to high-end home furnishing materials including a selection of blackout textiles, and loads of lovely gossamer sheers for curtain dressing. They also have DIY kits for making your own roman blinds and curtain rods, curtain tie-backs and curtain hook-tape for making your own curtains with hook pins. There is also a large selection of plastic and sequined / pailletted ribbon for making your own tiebacks or accessorizing your curtains.
There are some pretty chinese brocades, themed cotton prints for crafting and plain cottons for uniform making. Nagoya also has ready-made malay and indian dress outfits, as well as ready made curtains and loads of lining options as well as single-colour, tiny brocaded acrylic and poly mixes for DIY malay baju making.
In the last year they have introduced an interesting line of rayon silk - type textiles with complex prints on brocaded cloth, some of which are priced very reasonably.
You can visit, which currently only really has information on locations of their outlets.
High end knitting yarn and supplies, also a knitting club-type place for knitters and hookers to come knit and hook. Organic cotton yarn as well as all sorts of novelty yarn. +603 2148 3298.
Sewing notions and haberdashery shop next to the BB PLaza annexe (near the metrojaya entrance on 2nd floor) +603 2148 5454.


This is a huge warehouse-style furniture shop in which there are some reasonable finds, but sometimes really pricey. It happens to have a home-decorating section with a large selection of ribbon, beads, paper and plastic flowers, baskets and other gift boxes / wrappers / hantaran (malay wedding traditional gift-making supplies) supplies. Excellent for those little itty-bitty things you need to make small gifts in bulk numbers.
The BUNGA REBEN Shop (The Flower Ribbon Shop)
This shop started out as a ribbon and malay wedding decoration and accessories shop and within the last couple of years seems to have opened its eyes to the world of crafting and BOOM! Hello felting supplies. Hello scrapbooking supplies. Hello supplies for whatever I saw on pinterest today. they have the buckles and nylon cord to make those parachute woven bracelets. They have the hardware to make keychain accessories. They have pre-cut felt flowers and leaves. They have feathers, walls of beads, zippers, elastics of all sixes, straps and webbing for bag handles, supplies for various fake flower making crafts, needles, haberdashery supplies and more. Also felts, netting and little packaging options.
All prices pretty good.
They have a facebook page and a website and they are updated with photos regularly when stock comes in. There are two shops within walking distance of each other in little india, one on Jalan TAR, just 20 metres from Semua House. The other in City Mall, 20 metres the other way from Semua House.
Sculptor? Need an airbrush? Blacksmith or into Quilling? Paints, clays, soldering, model-making, beading and jewellery findings. They have a website and facebook page. The shop is a little like a magical mystery tour, and the couple there let you rummage and poke around for the things you are looking for. They are also extremely helpful. Plan your journey because it is a little out of the way.
As of 2015 Multifilla has a branch in PJ and is known as CRAFTIVITI. Find them on Facebook and also go to their site here.
The Gardens. The Curve.
Upmarket and up-priced, but definitely in a league of its own. From branded art pens and paints to foam and clay crafts, from easels and oils and different canvases to party makeup kits, japanese paper and mounting boards, scrapbooking supplies, specialty glues and grommets and gold leaf. Mini screen printing kits and Rm30 rolls of cotton crochet yarn, cutting and metalworking tools, cross stitch needles and cloth, styrofoam shapes and moulded heads, hands and styro eggs, beading and jewellery findings... You can find much of anything you want here (but cheaper elsewhere if you are prepared to do the legwork.
Not the furniture dealer but the boutique craft shop in chinatown (111 Jalan Sultan, straight down from Nando's at the Kota Raya traffic junction). Sewing notions, beads and acrylic knitting yarn at about rm3 a skein.
Dexon Button Shop.
Deep in the touristy part of Petaling Street there is a button shop that is wall-to-wall in button supplies. Also sewing notions and ... wait for it... adjustable tailoring forms (dressmaker's mannequins) for less than rm1000 each.  +603 2070 8603.
Zen Chu Bead Shop for wholesale beads.
142, Jalan Petaling (the other end, away from town centre) +603 2032 4822. They have silver, brass, copper, gold jewellery chains and findings, glass, plastic and swarowski beads. They have charms and their staff can be very very helpful. GO THERE.
This is where you go to buy "bundle" clothing. Basically they rounded up bundle clothes sellers and housed them in one building, doing everyone including the customer, a favour. With floors dedicated to clothes which get cheaper the bigger the amount you buy - hence "bundle" - you can get a great range of quality cotton jersey clothes, kids' novelty clothing and accessories. I assume all the brands are knockoffs, but the brand-inspired cheap versions are gorgeous, cheap and plentiful. Two floors are dedicated to crafting supplies, in particular beading, jewellery and accessory-making.
Check out their website.
On the 4th (3A) floor there is a little craft supplies shop "Ani Wasabi" that imports a fantastic range of ribbons, elastics and elastic laces, buttons, charms and felts. It has an online ordering system and they deliver with poslaju, which should be the next day's post in MAlaysia. Check out their site here.
Or, instead of going to any of the above for your jewellery-making supplies, just order online on the fabulously comprehensive, easy to use site, I have ordered twice from them and they are cheap and reliable. And what a range! They have a proper walk-in shop only open on weekends but they are shutting that down as their online business does better.
Scrapbook much? Kaison has a fantastic range of stickers, adhesive textile patches, cloth tape, lace tape and novelty tapes, adhesive figures and so on. They are cheap and have an inviting range of paper goods and stationery. Also great silk and plastic flowers and home soft decor and dining accessories. they have a store in the new KL Fesitval City Mall, and I know there is one somewhere in Kota Kinabalu too.

Jalan Negara in Taman Melawati. Model making supplies. paints. stationery. Excellent.
Daiso in Malaysia is the equivalent of the Japanese 100 Yen shop, which translates to RM5 here. Every item is RM5. They have all sorts of items for the household, car and garden, as well as clothing, accessories, toiletries, stationery and of course, craft supplies. Great stuff if you're looking for ways to neatly organise your stuff using many, tiny little organising containers! If you're a knitter, you know the value of buying bamboo or plastic knitting needles in all sizes for RM5 a pair, when most knitting shops seem to think they have a premium on knitting or crochet needles. They have some knitting yarns and slubs, and it all seems to change seasonally or flows with changes in stock every now and then. They have button-covering sets, sets of sewing thread, accessory making kits, buttons, ribbon, trouser hemming tape, etc. Be careful though, there are some things that can definitely be found cheaper elsewhere. However, I have yet to come across trouser hemming tape in any haberdashery store, so for RM5 for some hemming tape 30cm long, I might shill. But for a set of buttons, I'll pass.
There are huge stores in One Utama (under Zara in the new wing), The Pavilion (Tokyo Street), Sungei Wang and The Curve. Sometimes stock runs out in one but is available in another, so be prepared to check all of them out if you are after something in particular. I know there is a store in One Borneo in KK too.

edited to include:


One Utama. Their site is and their facebook page is

How could i have forgotten Mr D.I.Y which is a hardware store that also sells baking crafting and stationery supplies all very cheaply, and often has large items like pop-up marquee tents and party supplies and belly dancing hip scarves. Their stationery prices rival department store prices such as at Aeon too. The store at aeon AU2 is HUGE.

edited again (September 2014) to include:

Now opened in Ampang Point. Besides Soft Furnishings and Home Decor and Kitchen Ware, Spotlight has sewing machines, many kinds of dress forms, all sorts of INTERFACING, jersey knits, haberdashery including knitting needles, sewing machines supplies, zippers, ribbons, knitting wools and threads, also scrapbooking supplies, polymer clay making supplies, and a WHOLE lot more. Be aware that it can be SUPER PRICEY, but effectively it is a one-stop wonder if you are looking for hard-to-find or specialty equipment. The prices are actually relatively realistic, comparable to prices you would pay sourcing some items from overseas.



Johor Bahru - The Merlin Tower, opposit the JB KTM Railway station. You can see the station from the shop as it is outside the building facing the main street. I think the name is Yong Huat +605 621 4578. They have the cheap acrylic knitting yarn that Macy does (Minlon brand), and TONNES of retro buttons for cheap. They have all sorts of haberdashery and sewing notions including cording for knotting crafts and pins, scissors, zips, machine supplies and so forth.
Singapore - Spotlight. TUH DIE FOR. Plaza Singapura on Orchard Road. T-shirt yarn. Knitting and crochet needles and supplies. Crafting. Scrapbooking.
Lovey, C


LakshmiRP said...

This has been a very useful post. I was on the lookout for adjustable dress forms and found none in KL, in my online search, was planning to port from Taiwan, now I will checkout the petaling street shop. Anyone who had already purchased from this shop?

mamasan said...

Hi Lakshmi, thanks for stopping by. I haven't bought from the shop but have checked out the forms, which seemed great, though they didn't have my size (I am larger than the medium they ha). I have found some forms on an online site, with shipping bringing the price close to the one in Petaling Street. In the end I figured I don't do enough sewing to warrant paying so much. You might want to consider buying a fixed mannequin and then padding it out to match your size and shape. In Kenanga Wholesale Sity there is a store display supply shop which has all sorts of male and female forms, ranging from blow-up and cheap, to midrange of about rm150, and then up to rm600 for a cloth-covered form on a stand. You could also just buy a stand and make your own duct tape form and stick it on top.

Hope you find what you need! And thanks again for stopping by.

Unknown said...

Its a very nice post. I really love to read it. You put so beautiful thoughts in this post about Craft Suppliers. I feel so good to read this blog. Thanks for sharing. Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.. this is what i have been looking for and you have done a great job..

Ani Wasabi said...

Thank you for mentioning our shop Ani Wasabi, KWC. Look forward to more of your writings.

mamasan said...

Your shop is a real pleasure to visit:)

Unknown said...

Wow it's really nice shop. Keep sharing more.
Scrapbooking Supplies

Unknown said...

This post is really incredible, one of the most helpful I have ever read, indeed. La Vie

Unknown said...

I just had a bad experience buying from I bought pliers set (4 pliers) and faux pearls from them. Pliers were not stainless stain as they claimed. They were rusted, looked like used tools. Packing stated 'Polished steel' only. Somemore some of them were defaced on the surface. Faux pearls didn't look as the photos. They are just plastic beads like abacus for kids. Some even melted on the surfaces. I commented on the product reviews...Guess what...the comments were not posted and they erased my account! They sent me an email with new password. I tried login with new and old passwords. Failed. Then i tried click Forgot Password. System said no such email address in their records. I used the same email address to register as new customer and it allowed. Of course, all pass records were not there. To avoid frustration, pls don't shop there...

mamasan said...

That's too bad anson. I have only had good experiences with so i can't really say much about that, only that it's unfortunate you had a bad experience:(

Orked said...

Your post had saved me tonight! Ihaha. Thank you

mamasan said...

Thanks for stopping by! Nice to know my post was helpful:)

CATHY said...

Thanks so much! Heading to KL this weekend with the hubby - love to look for craft supplies. This is a great list!!

mamasan said...

Thanks Cathy, glad this was helpful. Happy shopping!

Chean said...

This is really useful! But do you know if any of these places stock colored strings in bulk, like the ones that are used for friendship bracelets or weaving?

mamasan said...

I think you mean the emboidery thread? You can get sets of ten for RM5 at daiso. But if you are looking for more then I would try syarikat bunga reben:)

Anonymous said...

Your post has been really helpful. I was wondering if you know a shop which has candle supplies at a good reasonable price. I believe multifilla is one but I think they do not have a lot of variety to offer.

Unknown said...

Your blog is so useful! thanks ;) Tomorrow I'll check the Bunga Reben Shop!

About Us. said...

where can i buy art materials in Johor? canvas, oil etc... :(

HipHopLess said...

Do these places sell interfacing as well?

Unknown said...

hello, i think you have forgotten about plaza gm and gmklang wholesalecity. there are many craft item in plaza gm 3f-15 and gmklang 1f-30&31 , 2f - 120. kenanga wholesale city 5f-51. the name of the shop is my collection trading , telephone is :03 40400435 (plaza gm), 03 33251470 (gmklang) .. thank you.

Unknown said..., thank you

Lovely Lotus said...

Hello - I'm looking for a good shop for package wrapping supplies - ribbons - especially hemp ribbons/rope, nice paper, etc. Your post is very useful, but I am still not sure which to go to around my area - KLCC - since I have just moved to Malaysia. Any help would be much appreciated!

Fabric Fanatics said...

Hi, Can you please add our shop to your list.

We supply fabric and sewing craft material, and carry a wide range of accessories such as button, lace, PU leather and many more. We also conduct sewing classes. Our retail shop is at Summit USJ Mall.

Thank you very much.

Nabilah Jamal said...

Hi. Do you happen to know any leather suppliers for crafts and journal making online ? Or perhaps any shop ?

mamasan said...

I think it is Pertama Comples or Wilayah complex in the coty that has many leather crafter vendors, not sure if they supply leather at nonretail prices. Have also come across a Abdullah Markhor Leather bags makers at a stall at aeon au2( not sure if they are still there anymore). Their contact: 011 2851 1492. Faux leather is available in Kamdar and Nagoya

mamasan said...

Spotlight has a good range and so does Syarikat Bunga Reben in city mall or on jalan tar, both close to semua house

mamasan said...

Sorry kiran, i hav elittle knowledge on that. Have seen some waxes available at art friend and have found beeswax at the melawati branch of advanco - all retail and maybe not what price point you are looking for. Spotlight may have some, and perhaps craft haven in one utama. My list is not exhaustive and since publishing a few years ago, many vendors have realised that there are many craftrrs out there, so you may come across a vendor who specialises. Good luck!

mamasan said...

Sorry, wish i could be of more help, but am bot very familiar with jb. Good luck!

mamasan said...

Thank you for your info- very helpful. As my post was with regards to crafting vendors i myself have come across in my search for supplies, i could not help but leave you off the list as i had never been there! However perhaps you could answer some of the queries i have received about various supplies such as candle making waxes, interfacing and so on. Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

may i know where can buy quilling tools & papers

Webniverse said...

Very helpful post...however I am looking the D.I.Y jewelry supplies..if you happen to come across please do post..thanks!

mamasan said...

QUilling - I have seen many supplies at Art Friend and Spotlight. Other than that I am not sure where else you could get these supplies.

Jewellery stores abound in Petaling Street - especially towards the Chinese Temple. Also look in Kenanga Wholesale Shopping and of course, Spotlight. You can get some basic items at bookstores such as MPH, but these are more for the charms and decorative items than for tools, findings and chains.

mamasan said...

with regards to jewellery - you can also order online at, altho this has received mixed reviews. my personal experience has been good.

Unknown said...

Do you know where I can find denim jeans fabric? and also Nylon fabric (used for making kites, umbrella or tent). I have been to Nagoya, Kamdar and Jakel but they have no idea.. Pls. help.

mamasan said...

I have regularly found denim in Nagoya, and in their curtains / soft furnishing sections have found something similar to parachute material in their sheers section. However, sometimes there may not be any stock, and others, as in your case, asking does not necessarily produce a result. I would advise checking again, and try different descriptions (as I am assuming there may have been a communication or language problem with the staff, who do not always know the technical names of the cloth they are selling. you kind of have to look for the person in the know amongst the staff, in my experience). I have had to slowly describe jeans and point to my own jeans, not sure if this was your experience or not. I have found fine and thick denim and also stretch denim in light and dark and black hues. Don't give up on the fabulous Nagoya, you may just be lucky second time around!

I am certain you could find denim in Spotlight (Ampang Point, and in a few weeks another branch is opening up at the Ikano Power Centre, next to Ikea in Damansara). However that will be pricey.

You could opt for trawling the textile / bundle clothing district in Kenanga, which is just near the old Pudu jail junction. You need to seek out the quieter stores round the back areas of the district, facing the railway line. Those shops sell all sorts of fabrics wholesale, on the roll, and you can place orders for fabric types - these guys know about textile makeup and such, but some are more forthcoming and helpful than others.

Here I have seen some poly textiles which may approximate the nylon

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Thanks, I will try my luck again. :-) I have found only 1 kind in Nagoya, but too soft for my project. Also next time, i will try to wear jeans as it may be easier to describe. lols. Harder in my case, As I cannot speak Malay.

Your blog is very helpful and informative. More power!

mamasan said...

Hi Lenor,

Just visited the Kenanga area today. The street name is Lorong Meranti 3, and it runs right along the railway in that neighbourhood. Unfortunately, I saw no parachute or nylon/kite materials, but some denim on the roll available at wholesale prices.

Also, if you come across something you like at nagoya, but need more than what they have, they will call around all their branches for you if you make that request. You could ask them to have it brought to the store nearest you or they could tell you which store has it and you could pick it up yourself.

(Language could be a problem, but always feel free to ask any staff if someone speaks english or if you could talk to a manager. Or bring a bilingual friend to help you out).

If you're crafting to sell, best check out Kenanga first as you will get the better prices there.

Good luck!

Unknown said...

hi, my collection at kenanga wholesale city 5f 51 got sell all kinds of beads and craft items..0392210219,0122803334

Unknown said...

Hi..i want to buy bulk feathers *goose feathers, eagles or else that fit the image of the native americans headress...i've tried searching it at art friend but it seems they don't have much...approximately i need 100+ pieces of feathers...any recommendations please?
i really need it for my art project.

mamasan said...

Hi Mohd Z, my first instinct was to recommend Art Friend, but it seems they dont have what you need. You could try calling Syarikat Bunga Reben or better yet, Spotlight crafts section (amoang point and ikano power centre). You wld likely have better success on doing a search for feathers or supplies, and if you are lucky you may find a local seller. Hope this helps and good luck!

mamasan said...

I would definitely recommend Kaison in KL Festival City mall on jalan genting klang, or SSF furniture warehouse with various locations around kl. in the city it is in pertama complex but there are larger centres around the kl valley. They have a soft furnishings and decorative section which has tonnes of ribbbon options and a small range of paper for wrapping. syarikat bunga reben in jalan tuanku abdul rahman (little india/ semua house area) has lots to choose from ribbon-wise but barely any paper products (kaison is good for paper products). Good luck and sorry for the late reply!

mamasan said...

Check out for wholesale feathers sales on

jade said...

Spotlight crafts section (amoang point and ikano power centre) BoBoCo

Unknown said...


Omg, this is just want I need. I am from Sri Lanka but coming to Malaysia in December (super excited!). I will be staying in Bukit Bintang and I am on the look out for mostly jewelry findings, silver charms.. that sort of stuff.

In terms of location (because we dont know how to travel around and we're only staying for 3 days), can you tell me which stores are close by to Bukit bintang so I can put them on my list?

I would appreciate it so much!

Unknown said...

melanie claudia, u can go to kenanga wholesale city by lrt train...u can drop by 5th floor, my collection...nice shoping there

mamasan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mamasan said...

HI Melanie, Sorry for my delayed reply.

As the Unknown commenter said, Kenanga would be a definite recommendation of mine as there are many shops dedicated to findings, stones, semi-precious stones, beads and string, leather and elastics. Also tools and storage and display items that you might need. Be prepared to spend a couple of hours on the upper floors:)

This is very close to the Bukit Bintang area, as is Petaling Street. I think both are accessible by Monorail but you would have to check which would be the closest station to disembark. IF you are game for taking taxis, they would be a short ride (except for any JAMS!) from Bukit Bintang and definitely worth it if you are a hardcore shopper. Of course, there are other options like Uber and car rental.

Another option if you want to look for more unusual items or stones is to check out Petaling Street. There are also bulk items for sale there, and you will need time to check out the various shops which are dotted all along the street, from the city centre, which is covered with a huge street awning, right out towards the chinese temple at the other end. Always ask if there is a wholesale price if you buy in larger quantities. Some places do not accept card, but there are many larger shops that do.

If you are interested in antque or vintage, you may have some luck in petaling street, but you could always check out the regular antique and vintage stalls at Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya, right off the Federal Highway. I think it is on during the weekends and you woul dbe dealing directly with the stall vendors for the best price. You may be able to travel with the Monorail and link to the Putra LRT line, which will drop you off at Asia Jaya or the stop before it - both very very close to Amcorp Mall.

If you have a bigger budget, there are many boutique stores selling gems and semi-precious gems in KL, some right in the various malls in KL.

You can also find dedicated sections in Spotlight (Ikano Power Centre, Ampang Point are a couple of locations) and smaller sections in the big bookstores such as MPH, Times (Pavilion Mall), Borders(The Curve Mall) and Kinokuniya (in Suria KLCC mall).

Good luck and make sure you have enough luggage space paid for on your return home!


Tasty Destination said...

Craft heaven indeed, your post is very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

J said...

Thank u for the helpful info. Do u know where i can find plain cloth bags (non woven/linen/cotton) to decorate for goodie bags? I only need 30bags. Thanks vm- j

mamasan said...

I would try Kaison, which have a changing selection of cloth goodie bags. I have seen fine mesh / sheer taffeta bags there for very cheap, but also some cotton and linen-type bags, though I think these are sold individually and not in bulk like the mesh bags.

There is also a shop that caters for DIYers who make gifts or "hantaran" displays for malay weddings. I can't remember the name but there is a branch at the old carrefour in wangsa maju (now an Aeon Big). Along with another shop, Bunga Reben (which I mentioned is in Little India and also has a facebook page), these kinds of shops have all sorts of baggies which you may find you like.

Other shops such as Daiso and Mr DIY may have what you want but would be sold individually and I don't think would carry them in bulk. IF you happen to find something at MR DIY, they would probably be cheaper priced than Daiso.

KEnanga Wholesale Centra is definitely worth a try as they have several floors dedicated to crafting supplies.

You might want to look online, to save some travel time. Lots of luck!

J said...

Thank u very much!! :)

Unknown said...
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Mrs.Irene Query said...
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Unknown said...

hi im looking for parachute cord string , have anyone can give me some infor , where i can get this kind of parachute cord string . thank you .

mamasan said...

Syarikat Bunga Reben should have it. Check the details in my post (for the shop and its facebook page). Good luck!

soosin said...

Hey i'm looking for tulle fabrics, soft type in Johor Bahru, preferably near Bukit Indah or City Square. Any shop selling near these area? I need it by this weekend.
Thank you thank you.

cheelihar said...

I print my own artworks on fabric. I don't sew and am looking for like minded Tristan people to sew . You can find pm me at fb cheelihar

cheelihar said...

I print my own artworks on fabric. I don't sew and am looking for like minded Tristan people to sew . You can find pm me at fb cheelihar

Unknown said...
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Dr Purva Pius said...
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Unknown said...

Nice post and valuable information !! latest fashion jewellery

GreenDaun said...

Hi Mamasan, thanks for the wonderful list. Can I recommend Green Daun Craft Shop in Damanara Perdana, Petaling Jaya? We recently opened in July 2016 and is a concept craft shop where we teach Dream Catcher Making Classes plus sell craft materials for dream catchers. We stock feathers, yarn, a massive range of ribbons and more at our concept shop. We are at - and open from Mon to Saturday, 10.30am to 8.00pm.


Craftiviti said...

Hi there from Craftiviti. We are do delighted you featured us in your article. We would like to let you know that we are now an independent craft store. We no longer are under the banner of any principle. If you could so kindly update this in the article, it would be greatly appreciated.

Please call Craftiviti at 03 7499 5553 if you need confirmation.

GreenDaun said...

Hello Mamasan, there was a typo in my previous comment. The Green Daun Craft Shop is in DAMANSARA Perdana, PJ. Open 10.30am till 8.00pm daily. We stock everything you need for a dream catcher. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hi, I'm actually looking for 2mm cardboard which uses for cartonnage. Any idea where can I get that?

Anonymous said...

Kindly visit our page to check out more awesome craft works:

If you are interested to become a handicraft seller, kindly sign up at:

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

thanks a lot for sharing an awesome information !!

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Irene said...

I would greatly appreciate it if you can share with me where I can buy some unpainted wooden alphabets about 2 inches in size. Have been looking through many craft shop in PJ but simply cannot find any. If they do have it, the alphabets are not complete, meaning they don't have certain alphabets. I bought some from Mr DIY but it's not that nice. Would be eternally grateful if you can help.

Irene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mamasan said...

Hi Irene, I have seen alphabets in white only at KAISON (Sunway Putra Mall, Sentul Sentral, among other places), in all sizes. Sometimes, there aren't enough in stock so I would advise looking in a few of their outlets. I am sure Spotlight would have them but I expect they would be pricey.

I am not sure where else they could be found, but hope this helps you somehow!
Good luck!

mamasan said...

Baby Pauline, am not sure what cartonnage is, i presume it needs to be fairly stiff? I suggest Art Friend which carries a huge range of papers and cards, hopefully within your budget. They are in Gardens Mall and The Curve. You may also find mounting board-type card in most bookstores, such as popular, who have an extensive art supplies range. Hope this helps!

Unknown said...

Well i just say nice content and ideas.
Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know where can i buy a bundle of elastic knotted string in Kuala Lumpur ?


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