Sunday, July 24, 2011

Second attempt

These turned out super runny in the piping bag and ended up spreading like raw pancakes over the baking sheet.

I realised only after baking that i had put in two extra eggs and ha mentally reminded myself to add a third extra of the dry ingredients - which of course i only remembered to do when they came out of the oven.

First batch: lemon. Delicious. Flat. Lemons in all senses of the word. Might serve them as an eton mess with my leftover white choc ganache.

Second batch: yam. Slightly thicker cos i didnt loosen it with juice like i did the lemon.

The yam ones are baking and puffing up quite a lot, so perhaps if i had left the lemons in longer? They are huge, like small saucers. For those i am mixing a little ginger powder into the ganache.

The whole batch is for CosmicGal, cos i never even saved her a bit first time round heeeee.

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CathJ said...

I am wishing to try making those... nice.. :)

pye:rudz said...

nampak sedap!

mamasan said...

they really are good! super sweet though. CathJ, follow the links, they really are quite easy recipes :)


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