Monday, June 27, 2011


Early mornings getting ready for school when there are no fights, only quiet and preparation, these are lovely moments for me.
Getting the girls ready for school is hard for me. I am not a morning person, but i do think early birds get the best part of the day. It's hard to instil that in them and be disciplined when in the back of my mind all i want to do is slide under the sheets and snooze.

Baby One and Two are settling into new school very well despite a few bumps here and there with new friends and new curriculum. Baby Two has surged ahead (she was carried forward a year) and received recommendations for her performance. Baby One is finding her performing skin, and for one so clumsy and awkward physically, she blooms when "on".

Baby Three decided one day that she was going to walk, and after a few days' practise on the bed of a step or two, suddenly walked seven or eight steps under the encouragement of Baby Two. Such decidedly different characters, all growing and maturing so quickly and so slowly at the same time.

Ten years after my first kid, caring for another infant is definitely a whole other story. I am much more willing to be Baby's slave. Ok, i'll read you stories til you're bored. Not til I'm bored. Yes, you can scratch me. Uhuh, i'll escort you up and down the stairs five or six times. You want me to sing all the way to our destination? My vocal cords were made to sing for you.

When i get time alone, when everyone is sleeping, i have so many things to catch up on, but i don't want to start for fear interruption will leave them hanging and undone. So i do very little. The mental challenge of dealing with two arguing pre-teens and a baby is simply exhausting, because i am so mental! I mean because i pride myself on my mental acuity- which means nothing when it comes to children. You can't use only logic. You can't be intellectual or even rational sometimes. It is so much harder to explain simple concepts than conplex ones. How do you explain why tomatoes taste the way they do? Or why Baby Three insists on scratching Baby Two but not Baby One?

A very unpleasant situation for someone who likes to have all the answers.

But it's ok. I like having the one purpose of caring during the day, and then having the quiet night to myself. Wreaks havoc on the sleeping habits though :)

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pye:rudz said...

your kids' behaviour sounds normal to me :)

CathJ said...

own time only available when the kids is a sleep.. I smile reading it.. coz same here.. but I can't hardly catch up everything.. sometimes I am too tired and fall asleep together.. ^_^

1st time here..

mom with 2 boys..

mamasan said...

pye:rudz: totally normal, and i both love it and hate it!
CathJ: welcome - yes, i often end up flipping thru a magazine with eyes half closed or wasting time on the internet. it's all good (for now!)


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