Sunday, December 12, 2010

Today Illy let me sew...

... So i covered my cushions with some of the lush fabric i have been hoarding.

That picture in the background is not of anyone in our family - it came with the room divider frame thingy and we never took it out.

It kind of reflects how our house has come together over ten years: bits and pieces that don't match (no, not even on purpose) which haven't found their full potential as part of a cohesive whole.
It's not like we are in an interim house - we are here to stay. I guess I have never placed any importance on the design or beauty of the house and have always opted for utilitarian choices. Having finally realised that i get affected by my surroundings, now that i have been spending so much time at home, i really want to make our home a place with clean lines, but luxurious in textures. Calming but not numbingly void of character.
The kitchen has a poo-yellow tile from floor to head height whilst the cabinets, though lovely, are dark dark dark. I am thinking they need a pale, blue-grey colour. And those tiles need to go!

So I indulged my urge to hange things up by changing my cushions. And lovely Illy let me do it but after about half an hour she insisted I needed to carry her evrywhere I went for the rest of the afternoon.

After that she let me feed her in her bumbo next to the new white tree with the Ikea critters on it:)

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