Friday, August 6, 2010

I am making goodies

Cut squares of yummy fabric, absorbent types. Also, cut squares of good morning towels (cheap cotton towels intended for cleaning or dishcloths, as u see in the bottom right corner), to insert between fabric pieces as thin batting. You could use other scrap fabric, proper batting or whatever u fancy.

Pin two outers and an inner together and sort into bunches of four.

Put the two outera right sides together and the inner under both.

Sew round four edges, leaving a gap for turning.

Trim edges and cut corners. Don't cut through your stitching.

Turn right side out.

Topstitch around edges, taking care to fold in the gap you used to flip it.

Coaster at your service.

Repeat till you have four.


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pye:rudz said...

creatively interesting! nanti saya suruh bini saya buat, hahaha!

mamasan said...

Ini kerja untuk orang yang suka beli textile sampai memjadi sickness!! I am trying to use up all my stash. Shld be done by next year!


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