Monday, August 9, 2010

Broke down laundry

My kids love their domestic laundry service, a.k.a, me. They love having their clothes cleaned more than they like getting clean themselves. So much so that their laundry bag is positively heaving with clothes every week.

So it needed to be retired. I am going to use the plastic to line little bags or items i will make in the future to waterproof them. And this is how i made a new bag: cut four sides 22" by 16", which includes a generous seam allowance of 1" around all sides.

I got this cute fabric from the upholstery section in Nagoya in Wangsa Maju for about rm9 per metre.
Then cut the base, a 16/16" square.

Sew sides to the base making sure that the fabric pattern will end up being the right way up.

Sorry about the poor quality of my photos!
Then sew the sides up till you get a bag shaped like a topless box.
Hem the top, attaching little tabs long enough to wrap around the metal bars of the frame.

It ain't the prettiest handiwork but i got it done in half an hour amd it is cute :)

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