Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time is Marching On

If you've been following me on twitter and are a facebook friend, you'll know that I'm expecting and my due date is officially April 20.

However because the baby is growing so fast, my doctor says, anytime. Oh, how I wish it were tomorrow!!

When I was first pregnant with baby1, I don't know what it was, but I was on a 9 month endorphin high. No morning sickness, maybe a week of discomfort when I first found out, no problems with food. I ate for two, which really, is a serious mistake, first-time mothers!! I put on more than 25 kilos and when I finally delivered, realised that it wasn't the baby, but ME who had piled it all on! So for about 2 years I was dealing with an extra 20 KILOS!!!!

However, baby2 turned out to be my weight-loser. Although I felt nauseous, I never felt really sick. I was heavy when I got pregnant and even heavier throughout, until backache came on at the end of the pregnancy. I decided I needed to do pilates to strengthen my back muscles, so I did some exercises I found in a pilates during pregnancy book. It was a really good idea and helped with postpartum muscle rehabilitation! Anyway, I lived on fresh oranges and grapefruit during baby2's pregnancy. I began at 90kg and after the birth went down to below 80.

This time around, seven years after my last, I had forgotten how heavy and uncomfortable being pregnant is. I'm also over 35, have had two active children who are just beginning to mature, and I guess I was getting used to not having to think much about how I move.

So nowadays I'm waddling. My whole body rotates on a central axis as I swivel from left to right leg to left in my slow progress in forward motion. I can't turn suddenly or I put my back out, which I have done twice during this term. The first time, the chiropractor solved the pain. Second time round, the pinched nerves wouldn't come unpinched, so lots of massage and hot packs and resting eventually made the discomfort fade. I couldn't get into my car properly and felt quite helpless a lot of the time. For someone who moves quickly and doesn't like to drag her heels, it was hard not to make sudden moves.

I'm constantly hot and bothered and now have trouble breathing if I sit on hard surfaces. I must lounge to feel better. It's even better if I lie on my side an have the tv on :)

Anyway, I am SO looking forward to delivering. And also wishing for a baby that sleeps 22/7 heheh.

Also if for some reason I don't blog between now and the delivery, it might be a while till I do, after it! So take care everyone, be kind to each other and spread the love.



pye:rudz said...

tell me, tell me, is it a boy or a girl? =)

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Just hang on a little bit more. Almost there. You can do it. Yooossshhhh!!!

All the best to you and your spouse, sweetie ^___^

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Oh, and I'll miss your AI updates when you're in confinement LOL

Nuy D said...

Christina, You're expecting a baby? Oh my God that is so great!!! Congratulations!!! It's sooooo late for me to find out. I hope everything's going smoothly :)


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