Thursday, April 10, 2008

Castro Must Go

Banging away at that ukelele - what was Simon thinking when he said it was fantastic? Wha-? Would you not be supremely irritated if that guy was the 7th American Idol? He would not be able to release any pop songs. They would have to find some organic pot farmer producer to wheel out to try to wheedle some retro credibility out of him!

Kristy Lee... she's so, so smart. If it weren't for the flag-waving two weeks back, she'd be pulling beers at her college pub now. Bland, mediocre, but willing to claw her way to the top. She's both disgusting and alarmingly admirable. Tenacious. She's a beauty queen.

Syesha. Sigh. She's the best second-best singer on Idol. Second best to all her personal pop idols. It's tragic, because she has talent, but she seems to want to be what she thinks other people expect her to be, like she has to fit a certain mould. Classic insecure actress syndrome.

Who should win, in my opinion? Carly Smithson. Though Simon was right again when he picked up on the angry vibe she was giving out. Poor Carly, I think she doesn't get what the judges are saying to her, and maybe is forcing it or trying too hard. Her expression during judging was that of someone going, "Uhuh. Oh, too much? Or was it too little? Is there anything that I could ever do that would ever make you happy?" I can see determination being turned into desperation, which could possibly become disenchantment and ultimately she might just give up, bitterly.

David Cook. What is it? Why is he looking better and better and not so revolting? I think someon has told him to keep his eyes open and not to gaze lazily at people down his nose. I serisouly think someone coached him on that because I did feel he was coming over as rather sleazy. Now, with his new wide-eyed Bambi look, he seems more appealing. On top of that, he's gracious during judging and is beginning to seem very gentlemanly. He will go far. But he won't win.

Brooke won't go far.

Michael Johns. Shut up. And take off that kerchief!!!!! That is so Johnny Diesel. You're Australian. Stop sucking up to the Americans and their Dream.

Is anyone bored of my psycho-schtick yet?

Who's likely to really win? David Archuleta. He really is an angel, and I don't only say that because he sang the Angel song last night. He did look a little tired. I mean stoned. He doesn't need Idol. He could quit now and be bigger than, oh, Carrie Underwood.

Tonight, Idol Gives Back with Brad Pitt. And others. Till Friday, folks!


Anonymous said...

Archuleta *might* be slated to win (because he's sooooo cuteeee!!! =P) , but if the past Idols are anything to go by, those cutesy boys don't last! =( i.e. Jon Peter Lewis(s3) & Kevin Covals(s5). Unless he does something different, of course!

My top three... Michael John, Carly and David Cook.

and i agree, Castro must go!

Auntie Dot said...

Oh maah gawd...Brat Pitt!! I'd jump into an abyss of cow dung for him!! Naaa...i'll save it for Fear Factor..

Anonymous said...

Finally some one who also thinks Castro must go. I can't say this in front of shamaine. She'll just scream. The teen genes in her I suppose!

mamasan said...

anonymous, who are you and why won't you come out, hmmm?

Anonymous said...

SPOILER ALERT if you don't want to know who's been voted off...,26278,23522410-7484,00.html


ultimatecass said...


A little request, pls? Can the next Actorlympics be sometime after May? I won't be back home before that :( It would suck if I have to miss it again.

p/s: Brace yourself for the elimination result tonight! Quite a shocker!

shamaine said...

anonymous is my mummy...

xtina..why? why?? why do you hate jason castro so much ? :(

mamasan said...

shamaine. i'm sorry to have to say... he's just not pop material! he's bojangley trippy acoustic-ey girl-fodder. sorry. sorry.

and he looks like john travolta. which is fine. it's just not the stuff of Idol.

He should be posing for shamaine-ites.


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