Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Made a pact to ditch the pack!

Yes, have been smoke free for a full week. Me and hubby boo decided late one night after a few days of nausea and sicky feelings, that we would quit smoking cold.

I think it's because everything is aligned - the disgust i have for the habit finally overcame my love for it. It has not been hard to avoid smoking. The urge to smoke only came over me once this last week, but I managed to ignore it.

The worst thing is resisting my sudden urge to eat loads of chocolate and salty foods. ALso, my body is starting to cleanse and heal and so am breaking out a bit and my gums are itchy. Also, the phlegm is coming up... but i reckon better out than in.

My complexion has improved, though my bad sleeping habits left over from jet lag sometimes make me look haggard. My voice is sweeter too. I used to think it was husky but now i realise it was just a smoker's voice. Also, my breath is much nicer plus, I'm BREATHING MORE!!! Or I can take deeper breaths and it's easier to exert myself.

Only the rest of my life to go!

1 comment:

machfairy said...

all the best, c! i've been working toward it for the longest time and no results..

but maybe that's cuz I always have 4 emergency sticks in my bag :)


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