Thursday, November 9, 2006

no spoilers ahead, just drool

Sigh. So being a producer type does have its benefits. Even though I wasn't much involved on Sumolah except in the writing capacity, I was included in the invite to Sumolah's distributing partner Buena Vista International/Columbia Tristar's 10th Anniversary (in Malaysia) breakfast show and tell this morning, during which we were treated to a preview of coming movies for 06 and 07.

It was at this occasion that the Sumolah trailer had its first showing, and I am very proud to say that it looked spectacular! Be looking out for the trailer in cinemas before the end of the year.

Then after it all, we were shown the uncensored version of Casino Royale. And let it be known that even the Queen of England has yet to see Casino Royale as it has not had its worldwide premier yet! Oh, yes.

And may I say that this Bond is every bit as satisfying as imagination and tantalising visual snippets thus far have led one to expect.

If you don't yet know it (where have you been?), this is the Bond when he first starts out, raw, angry, a killing machine. Daniel Craig said in an interview that he wanted to look like he could kill someone, crush them with his bare hands. He does. He's also not really a funny kind of Bond, like Brosnan could sometimes be or like Connery. Forget Moore, that was Bond the Musical if you ask me. So if you are into the Roger Moore kind of Bond, forget this one. He's rather like Tim Dalton was (my real favourite), but less mental, more visceral. Though there are some humorous moments with him.

There was such a gut reaction of loathing at the announcement of Craig as the new Bond, and I really do believe it was because he was blond and rather savage-looking. He was always a reputable actor and had done some interesting films (wasn't he Lara Croft's manbag in Tomb Raider?). He just didn't look like Bond should I guess. Well, it's all about to change!

Sitting in the theatre with hubby boo on one arm trying to stay awake after a long three nights piecing together our Sumolah trailer, and SheShimau on my other side with some other ladies, it was not hard to see who is going to make this film a raving success.

The hundreds of millions of drooling, sighing females in the world of course!

Forget the stomping opening sequence and the sense-ravaging torture (which I doubt will be passed by the censors - too much flesh and too much paaaaiiiin - however one of this Bond's funniest moments) and the beautiful cars and gadgets and scenery, this is a paean to the glory of Daniel Craig's bootiful body and odd, roman-nosed profile. See Daniel run! See Daniel jump! See him stand absolutely still. See his muscles flex as he bends down to tie his shoelaces. And (gasp) see him emerge dripping from the sea in what should be funny-looking powder-blue swimming trunks, but will now be every woman's birthday present to the men in their lives.

Every time there was a lingering shot of Bond walking in a tuxedo or running after bad guys, some girl in the auditorium would sigh. SheShimau was not an exception, and at one point we turned to look at each other (a powder blue moment) but not long enough to miss the next shot of course.

So, if you've been doubting Mr Craig as Bond, cast aside that doubt. If you're a guy and think he's rubbish, take your girlfriend - she'll be pleased with you.

Casino Royale opens Nov 16 nationwide.


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