Friday, October 27, 2006

Eid (rather be home and idle) Fitri

Although we had a lovely time with our family during raya, there was a point at which I wished I could be alone at home lying down and listening to cold-weather rain.

That point came after a long, long day in the heat, squinting up at a bright but hazy sky, and noticing that I smelt like rendang, sweat and smoke all at once. My baju, which I had managed to find on a lone rampage across masjid india a couple of days before, was rumpled, stained and wet in the front from washing up, spilt drinks and dripping sweat. Added to that, I had eaten three times in the space of a few hours and smoked too much of course, though doing it in the open air felt freeing, kind of like taking off your shoes at the beach after a long day in trainers.

Screaming nieces and nephews, sparklers and the TV on high were enough to induce a buzzing in the head. After a whole day of all the above, I did for a moment wish for solitary!

But today is a new day and I'v been enjoying a gentle trickle of family company throughout the last couple of days. My own parents are in Sabah, not that they celebrate raya, but their good wishes followed me through the days. Today, I finally get a little time to my home and I'm now equipped with coffee and mouse and thinking of what to write next.

Ah, stuff it, I'm going to watch Oprah!

Lovey, C

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shamaine said...

oprah is always good for the soul...i spent raya in melbourne doing a site specific performance on a pedestrian crossing doing pedestrian the evening i had dinner with a Malaysian friend at a Malaysian restaurant..nasi lemak and wine...I think i'm gonna spend every raya like this now..hahaha


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