Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The Hunter Is Dead

Got the tragic news today that Steve Irwin was killed by a sting ray while diving during a shoot for a series he was filming. I was shocked by it because being a familiar tv face Steve Irwin was as much a part of my life as the teletubbies, the grissoms and bourdains off the box, a part of our consciousness, just as running errands are a part of our life. Firstly I thought, what irony that he was killed by a wild animal, followed immediately by the thought that of all people, he would be most likely to be killed by a wild animal seeing as he is exposed to them constantly.

About a month ago I had read an article on him in an australian weekly magazine, where he talked about the zoo he created in australia where his whole family tend to animals. Even his 8 year old Bindi was tending to the animals. His love for his work was palpable, as was his love for his family. Then only recently I watched a doco on sting rays and how their barbed tails are dangerous, but since they only attack when provoked, they are seemingly docile animals. The barbs can be cut off like fingernails without hurting the ray.

The thing that really got to me was that he was so young. He was just getting started. It really was before his time. I feel for his family and hope they get through this and may god bless his soul.

Lovey, C


Anonymous said...

life's ironies. then again, don't think he would've wanted to go any other way.

i heard his daughter Bindi has her own tv show, and she's only 8!

Unknown said...

Well, when you jump onto a crocodile, letting a king cobra sting you, all and still sound enthusiastic about it, you have already inofficially signed off that sooner or later, one of these acts will go wrong.It's just a matter of time and how seriously it goes wrong...

In this case, it just went waayyy wrong..

shamaine said...

bindi has her own safari-esque clothing line too...it's Steve Irwin left right and centre in Australia at the moment..


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