Wednesday, March 1, 2006

tak pernah ku rasa sentuhan luar biasa... the romance that was PGL

Saw PGL again over the last two nights, and fell in love twice over again with the characters, the music and the visuals.

I spent last night watching the actors, rather than the characters, and trying to learn the music as well as enjoy it - cause unless they release a CD, I ain't gonna remember any of it! I do have their 4 song CD, but it's not a live recording, nor does it include my favourite song of the whole musical, Hang Tuah's song. Also, because it was recorded in the early days, it doesn't have the spirit that the actors imbue in their performances now.

Watching the actors, I felt a welling of emotion inside even from the very beginning. The first walk by Gusti Adipati was the last walk AC Mizal would do for this run. We found out later he felt a sudden surge of emotion as he did it.

The loveliest thing about theatre (in this case, live musical theatre) is that, once you are cast, go through rehearsals and performances, you enter a small journey with a bunch of fellow-travellers. If you are all in sync, have a passion for the play or show, and are in love with your character, no matter what kind of character it is, it is a sublime passage through time.

I thought to myself, if I was the smallest role on that stage, the most nondescript ensemble character near the wings, I would be singing my heart out for the glory of the experience - not just the experience of the night's performance, but the glory of pouring your heart and soul into something for the sake of making the world a little more beautiful, more thoughful, more kind.

As the show ended, we saw the sobbing ensemble's bodies wracked with emotion. When AC came out for his bow, he was in tears, and the naked emotion passed through to the audience, who stood en masse, in awe of what they were witnessing - not just a superb technical and creative performance, but a communion of sorts. This is a mystical, human element of theatre that I love, and simply watching theatre can sometimes move me, no matter what the show is or how well done.

When Tiara came out, her sorrow and joy was palpable - what a great experience and what sadness that it must end. I am very proud of her and revel in her exuberance, passion and natural talent... and most of all, the celebration of expression that she embodies.

So, hobbling into the office today (after a night in heels), I sms Naa Murad to see if he can do a show for us. The following sms exchange ensues:

Me to Naa:
(sung to the opening tune from PGL)
Satu hari nanti... Naa akan main Actorlympics!
Pada haribulan dua puluh lima bulan Mac!

Naa to me:

Me to Naa:
(sung to love song between Hang and Puteri)
Otak temu otak, minda hapus di udara
Masa demi masa, Naa suka berbicara
Apakah salahnya, kalau banyak suka cakap
Kan tidak ada siapa dengar?
Tertibalah masa ku kepada Naa sebut "Sudah!"

Naa to Me:
Amboi, benar kata orang yang puteri Kinabalu pandai berpantun tapi agak kurang sopan santun! :)

Me to Naa
Ngkau 3 kali goblok!

Naa to me:
Ternyata awak tidak di didik dengan bersungguh-sungguh. Habiskan siang dengan SMS merata-rata. Cis!

Me to Naa:

Naa to me:
Poot. Ok. Nuff!

Lovey, C


Unknown said...

25 harbulan, purnama ketiga? aduh, sayang!selang 2 hari boleh ku sambut tarikh lahir ku dengan gelak ketawa...

my bahasas melayu klasik menyedut!unless if i watched pgl, then i could speak like so.

i'm in utter jealousy that i can't make it to pgl...yeseterday even more!but whatudu...i just can drool over the pix...

Fuad said...

is it true? another Actorlympics is on march 25??*write it down in a diary*......if it's true then I can't wait to go.

Anonymous said...

read in afdlin's blog abt his near-asthma attack. pls tell him to take good care of himself, he's a national treasure.

mamasan said...

Yes, it's true there may be a show on 25 March but no, it is not for the public - it is a corporate show, so, sorry, you cannot watch!

BUT Actorlympics will be showing again in the first week of June, so save up and book your dates now!

Thanks, anonymous, for your concern, and afdlin has read all the blogger's comments, and is touched that everyone is concerned for his health. Of course we will be booking him in for a thorough check up!


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