Wednesday, January 11, 2006

9am and still going

No, I haven't been up all night, Ive been up all morning, since 7.30am. Don't laugh. Over the weekend and break, my kids either got better or got worse with their illnesses. I was just commenting on how robust my youngest is, and how she never gets sick, when a stomach bug hit her like crazy.

Its funny how children's characters reveal themselves. With illness, my youngest gets very quiet and lies around, looking glum. She's been vomiting, so, when the urge to vomit hits, she sits up and declares she would like to "molit", gets up and follows one of us to the toilet where she puts her hands on the seat, leans over, vomits, stands up and wipes her face.

I've never really seen a kid take vomiting so well. She reacts to fear in kind of the same way. When scared, instead of screaming or crying, she says very quietly in a manja voice, "Takut."

My eldest, on the other hand, would scream to high heaven if she could. And whenever she vomits, crying and lots of hand-wringing follows. Then again, she's very emotional and sensitive to her surroundings. If she senses you aare down, she will offer a pat or hug or try some tickling.

Yesterday I slept from 2 to 6pm with my feverish youngest by my side. We got up for a toilet break and then slept for another 2 hours. Then because I was so refreshed, I didn't sleep till 2am, and got up at 7.30 this morning. Although I slept enough, my eyes feel heavy and my muscles beg to stop holding me up - lie down, they say, lie down...

Well, maybe just a stretch for a moment...

Lovey, C


HeadLiner said...

Hey Chris!

So how come the rest of teh TopBoys havent got a blog like Afdlin ?

ladynina said...

two different characters of kids.. how cute.. heh! i dont surprise if one day when mia is big enough, she may become this 1 type of person who love to lend her shoulder to cry on. heehee! and anais reminds me of my youngest sister.. she too can deal with her fear very well one! unlike her sister here! *rolling eyes*

patrickteoh said...

Hi Christina. Seems like the season for kids to catch bugs. My grand-daughter Shin Yee had fever and vomitting a few days ago. Thankfully, she's almost fully recovered now. Adam just woke up and threw up after choking on something or other in his sleep. I hope that Laura and Adam will be spared whatever bugs are going round this season.

Yes, Mia looks and speaks like a very sensitive little lady. I love how she always asks about Laura whenever she meets Min or I. She didn't do it today though:-( And of course everyone knows that Anais is a chip of the old block.

Enjoyed BULI Balik today.


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