Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Morning Time

I sent the kids very early to school today and noticed it was an odd dawn. The moon is full, the skies completely clear and yet a crisp breeze is blowing. Now it is momentarily still here and there, and then the breeze blows up again.

It's nice when the house feels empty, though on other days it can feel too quiet. I would never say it feels lonely, because I think feeling lonely is more a state of my being than actually being devoid of company. I think people don't realise that one can feel at one's loneliest when surrounded by people who don't really care for you.

Being alone is one of my great gratitudes in life. Many people don't get to have alone time. They don't get to choose. They may actually be alone and not savour it like I do. 

On the flip side, I have been made to feel weird or ungrateful for wanting to have my alone time. Been asked repeatedly to explain myself. My question is, why do you feel entitled to ask?

We all have varying levels of anxiety. Some people can't get through the day without prolonging or perpetuating the dramas and anxieties of everyday life. Others can't cope with outward pressures and may shy away from life's stresses. 

But imagine if we all gave ourselves the chance to just be. And if we gave others the chance to just be.

We wouldn't feel the need to point out our neighbours' flaws. We wouldn't look at their property or behaviour or ideas with envy or jealousy, and allow ourselves to reach out and take. We wouldn't feel the anxiety of being judged, because we wouldn't judge others.

That very thing you point out in others, you must accept that you have it in you too. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to recognise it in others in the first place.

SO listen to how you speak of others. Listen to what others always seem to say to you. If the pattern is always the same, you cannot blame life or others. 

After all, you are the only constant in the equation.

Know Thyself.

IF you have nothing good to say, say nothing.

Be alright with just BEing.

Let others Be.

Lovey, C

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