Monday, November 19, 2012

The Golden Arches of Humanity

Everyone's atwitter about free burgers this morning in KL, and how we should boycott the Israeli-lovers attempting to buy our condonement of their support of Israeli actions with free food. I know I should probably articulate that more but it strikes me as presumptious to want to line up all the grievances of a warring nation with the bottom line of a corporation that feeds our nation too (i.e. supplying our demand).

First of all, unless you want to rescind your daily privileges of computer and internet dependence, cars and transport and other conveniences associated with people who also either supply their services to those you hate or are closely associated, which you take for granted and presume to be rights as opposed to privileges (yes it is a privilege to drive or have electricity on a switch when others have either nothing or worse) - then don't harp on about this latest "travesty" of corporate pro-semitic american loyalty.

Secondly, understand the beast. Wars and religion are never really about religion but about power, property and who gets to be right. You think Gaza is only about Jews Vs Muslims? You need to read a little more.

Thirdly, I think it says a lot more about humanity when hundreds line up for cheap crappy burgers than it does when someone offers them up as a special gift. It says that either we as a society are too self involved to feed our poor effectively, or we are so poor in our souls that we would line up for a "buy-off", a tawdry one at that.

Whatever we believe about others, it is somewhat true of ourselves. We are all the same, and can only fight injustices if we truly let go of our prejudices and the need to be right.

Those who pray, pray for the less fortunate. Those who don't pray, be conscious of those less fortunate. We don't have to be religious to be good, folks. In fact, more damage is inflicted in the name of religion than not. I never heard of someone demanding the extinction of another race, in the name of unicorns, or trees, have you?

Faith is between ourselves and our god, and those of no institutionalized faith have mindfulness. Bad people are bad people no matter where they declare themselves to be on the faith spectrum. We all judge, don't tell me we don't. It is my hope i will be judged by others based on my actions first, my character and my ways, rather than my looks, my name and language or where i come from or what labels people have given me.

This life seems to be getting more and more slippery, and i long for the quiet of mindful living.

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