Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's about time!

Something big happened to me today.

I finally got over myself and acknowledged that I hoard pretty things in order to keep up my pretensions of productive creativity. Thus my predilection for textile, craft and needlecraft supply shopping. I thought I could "use up" my cupboards-full of supplies and create tons of stuff for sale at craft bazaars. Unfortunately, as soon as I gathered up the steam for it, I lost the impulse again.

So I am doing an inventory. I will be sorting and catalogueing my stuff for sale. Not sure if I will do it online, or for my friends and family in a home garage sale. The point is, I WANT TO DO IT!

This is my goal:

Sort, price, photo and post all goods for sale
Deadline:      Next Tuesday 19th June

Hold a sale online / at home
Saturday / Sunday 23 / 24th June

Anything left from a possible home sale, to be sold online. Or else, donated.

I know this isn't that important in the big scheme of things, but it is a big big step for me. Although to be honest, I think my years of resistence to the idea of de-cluttering this part of my life has really been a huge build up to that moment this morning when I just thought, "WHo am I kidding?!"

So, the goal has been stated, and I will post my results.

HAve a nice day:)


CathJ said...

I always having this desires to do a garage sales.. But never even start.. I think it's a great idea.. U should go for it.. :)

mamasan said...

i've done it once before. made a surprising amount of money for all my junk, which people really wanted. all the stuff that was in bad condition i gave away for free. worth doing again!

mamasan said...
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