Monday, July 25, 2011

Ok i know it's overkill but it's chocolate!

Third time and not quite right. It was a little thick, much like the green tea ones - and i think because our largest eggs sorta count as mediums elsewhere. I could have used an extra yolk.

They looked a little granuley waiting to go in the oven - and might i say turdy - but they developed a skin quickly and i put them in after only ten mins standing. They puffed up nicely but certainly lack that gorgeous smooth eggshell top that is so desired in a macaron.

However i often love the idea of still enjoying a homemade delectable despite it not being up to par - my own little rebellion in the kitchen.

It all looks the same if you chew it a couple of times!

I added dark choc to my endless white choc ganache supply, and purposely salted it a little extra to get those tastebuds going.

Wish you could taste them. But then again - NOT!!

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