Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Most mornings are very difficult for me. If it's not me struggling to wake, it's one of the Babies.

I can't blame them. Mornings are the best for sleeping. It's harder on me because if I move I might wake my little bedmate:

When we finally struggle out into the car we are usually late, but mostly not too late.

Traffic going to school is okay but coming back is a chore. I have to sit through city-bound traffic to make it back home. At least i have this sleepy critter keeping me company.

When i get home i can go back to sleep if i want to, but it really depends on my little cohort.

Today she felt like casting an eye over my bookshelf organising.

Every now and then she finds something that simply doesn't work and just pulls it out.

I take the opportunity to indulge in my favourite pastimes:

Like my little snowman under all that coffee? Me too. Sometimes Illy joins me.

Other times all the hard work gets to her and we soon have a lie down, because she needs her sleep, the little tyke.

Be nice. Smell nice.


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