Friday, March 5, 2010

Idol Boys and Girls

Boys' Night

Boy, was this meh. Maybe it was the last-minute switch cos the girls were ill that meant the boys weren't really ready. But, shouldn't real performers just be ready for it? I mean okay, maybe not all the time, but it's a sure way to separate the real greats from the pedestrians.

Michael Lynche and Casey James were the best performers that night in my opinion. Andrew Garcia seemed a little off, tho I still like him. And I noticed Lee Dewyze for standing out against all the karaoke.

I reckon any of the others will go, and hope they decide to oust four instead of just two...

Girls' Night

The first few girls except for Crystal came across as wierdly nervous. And they were all crafty types, which I thought was not that interesting for a pop idol. I mean, I love crafty stuff, but I'm a mum-to-be of three and not fighting tooth and nail for top spot on a world-level talent show!

I love how grounded and real Crystal Bowersox is - though I'm not sure she's gonna last that long, only because she doesn't seem to fit the idea of a pop idol. I mean, even a singer like Joss Stone has a measure of artifice in the almost carefully styled boho glamour she has cultivated.

I have loved Katie Stevens as a performer and this week I love her even more because I got to see a bit of her personality in the mini-doco they do before each perf, and she is batshit insane! LOVE her! And I thought her perf was one of the standout ones of the evening, even though she came over lukewarm to the judges. Let her stay America!

Tho Michelle seemed to do well, it all came over slow and draggy to me. Lilly Scott really made an impression with her perf tho I think she ended weakly. Katelyn Epperly gave a pretty polished performance despite it being really slow, and she seemed really overworked, physically, you know? Like the hair is over-curly, she is so totally aware of the camera and i think, overworking it. She reminds me a little of Syesha, so very aware of herself. Simon said she came off as corny and when asked to comment, she immediately mentioned being too camera-aware, and I think she's right. She so TOTALLY wants this!

Paige's doco, yeesh. "I like to colour."  She seems a little, err shall we say, young. But she has a really lovely voice and I hope she goes far.

Oh, and the stylist on the show seemed to have gotten a batch of same-same earrings which he/she hung on the girls regardless of whether they suited.  Hello, must they all wear metallic vulva-hoops? They gave Paige a green mouldy pair!

Did I spot Simon carressing his nipple during her critique session? Maybe it was just me. Hi Simon!

Siobhan was a hoot to watch, she's gorgeous. Her perf? Love the tone of her voice, and she was vibrant. And that big ol' yell near the end was stupendous! But vaaat was she vearrringg? Polka dot tee under a shiny corset dress and what- is that a duster in her hair? Eeeek!

Siobhan and Katie are my total babe faves this year. Who's going? Ah, don't care. The sooner we get to finals, the better!

But Simon, baby, I'm gonna miss you :(


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pye:rudz said...

i like big mike.
i like lilly scott and crystal bowersox.

btw, congrats on your third. hope it's a boy this time ;)


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