Thursday, February 18, 2010

aMERican idol!

Ah, Seacrest. There was a time when I thought you and I couldn't be friends. I thought you were a tad annoying and more than a little anti-Simon. And no one in their right mind should or could be anti-Simon.

And, yes, you could say that, in real life, we really couldn't be friends, because we'd probably never meet anyway.

But I like you now, you're okay. (If I were you, I'd probably go, "err... and you are...?" too).

But, I've been enjoying AI in a very lighthearted way, none of the stress of watching creeps and idiots like the last few seasons for me. Maybe cos I don't care as much this year, being involved in other more important things in life. Like the baby boo on the way, of course. And watching Fringe.

Tonight was the trimming down to 24 contestants who will from now on be voted on by audiences.

My faves so far have been Casey Jones, Mike Lynche and Todrick Hall (but I could be thinking Germaine Sellers, because they both seem very similar). I also like happygreeniechild Crystal Bowersox who thought AI had 3 million viewers (and thought that was a LOT). Love Siobhan Magnus and also Katie Stevens. I really, really like Andrew Garcia.

It will be interesting to see how they fare during top 24. There's usually a weird period from now till like, the top 6, where I just can't wait and wish I could fast forward through some of the drivel onstage by about three months. Usually within two weeks of top 24 pickings, the real good ones come up and the others start getting depressingly bad. I am hoping my top picks as above keep it up all the way!!

Who would I love to see come on as a guest mentor? Lady Gaga, heh! Madonna. What about George Michael or even Robbie Williams? I would LOVE to see total pop stars try their hand at teaching.

I've been enjoying Ellen as a judge, and am sorry that Simon will be leaving at the end of this season.

Hi, Simon.



Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Yeay, AI is back! *does happy dance*

And is it me but everytime Ellen opens her mouth, all I see is a blue fish talking? I can't help but still think of her as Dory from Finding Nemo LOL

pye:rudz said...

my wife really love the show. she will still watch it on 8TV eventhough she already watched it on star world.
luckily, i like simon cowell. and yes, ellen as the new judge is interesting as well.

lin said...
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