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Edited to include:  Guys, This is just a notice. If you read the instructions carefully you will see that you must send your emails to Tayangan Unggul. I am simply posting the info for you and do not have any say as to the casting. i will also not be forwarding your applications posted here or sent to my personal email, as you should be able to follow simple instructions! Sending me personal notes or requests will not enhance your chances! Thank you.

PS I have erased comments posted here as they included personal  contact nformation - your identity is sacrosanct! Don't put it everywhere for people to appropriate!

Dear Actors Out There,
You may have heard Papadom is being remade in Tamil. Auditions are being held to find the main cast who are (final character names to be released in the future) as follows:

The Father  (originally Saadom) - Indian, able to speak Tamil, must play character as a 30-35 year old and a 40-45 year old
The Mother (originally Mun) - Indian, able to speak Tamil, 25 - 30 year old
The Daughter (originally Mia) - Indian, able to speak Tamil, 17-18 year old
The Professor and Father Love Interest (originally Balqis), Indian, able to speak Tamil, 30-40 year old, female.
Daughter's Best Friend (originally Yvonne) - female, 17-18 year old
Daughter's Enemy at Uni (originally Sasha) - female, 18-20 year old
Daughter's Friend (originally Wajib Tayang - male, 17-18 year old
Daughter's Love Interest (originally Hisham) - male, 18-20 year old
Father's Business Partner 1 (originally Alan) - male
Father's Business Partner 2  - male

* Some characters require the ability to speak BM and/or English.
* Please send a clear photo of yourself, your contact details, work experience and the role(s) you wish to audition for in an email to
* MAKE SURE you put "APPALAM" in the subject heading so that your email is not lost in the Inbox!
* Production shoot is scheduled to start in January 2010 and may take 4-6 weeks

It goes without saying that only serious applications will be entertained.

Thank you and Good Luck!

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when is the closing date?


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