Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Feeling the Burn!

Warning: this is a droolfest of a blog with gratuitous fanpics and over-sensationalist proclamations of devout love. You see, my good friend Pea introduced me to Burn Notice.

Edited to add: This wallpaper was created by Kayla Creamer and was taken from here.


With Jeffrey Donovan, whom you may be familiar with from "Changeling" and "Hitch":

Bruce Campbell, and Gabrielle Anwar. I remember Gabrielle from a British kids show "Press Gang", with Dexter Fletcher (Lock, Stock And Two Barrels) and Julia Sawalha (Saffy from Absolutely Fabulous). Now she's a mother of three with a bangin' bod and hot-rocking it with droolworthy Donovan. You may also know her as the lady who tangoed with Al Pacino in Scent Of A Woman. And Bruce Campbell is pretty gorgeous too!

And it is, oh, so much fun. I love, love, love Jeffrey Donovan and his character Michael Westen, a "burned" spy trying to find out why he was burned. Season Three starts in the states next month. If you can get your hands on the DVDs, do. The extras are lots of fun and they have a gag reel and audition tapes too.

See ya!


@Liya said...

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goNEPats54 said...

Hi there. I actually made that wallpaper that you posted as the first picture. I don't mind you sharing it, but if you could just give me credit for it, I'd appreciate it. :)


mamasan said...

Hi Kayla,

My sincere apologies.

I had taken the wallpaper from an image search which had no credit on it. (I have the link if you would like it, but it leads to the image only and I do not know how to go the blog it comes from-page does not exist). I now find it is on the facebook page and has your name on it.

By the way, it is a very cool piece of art :)

I have edited the post and hope I have redressed the omission to your satisfaction.

Thank you,

Kayla said...

Hi Christina,

I'm way behind on seeing your response. Haha! No worries. Thanks for crediting and letting me know where you found it. Always glad to share my work with a fellow Burn Notice fan. :) So sad that it's over though.

- Kayla


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