Thursday, July 17, 2008

"This Town Needs An Enema!"

Been listening to the dim buzz of scandal in the periphery of my reality (which is down to feeding myself and ferrying children around according to their social schedules - which are like brilliantine: always moving, always shining).

I hear people can issue ultimatums and then trounce their own deadlines nowadays. It's like shooting the starter gun before you count to three. They feel proud that they surprised everyone and don't see all the stadium's dagger eyes. Doesn't anyone get embarrassed by their own premature mis-shots anymore? They've forgotten the feeling of burning shame.

I feel crime getting closer and closer to home. I heard a friend of a friend got held at knifepoint in friggin' Bangsar Village II, in a hugely popular restaurant. She was lunching when some guy posing as a customer got up and held her at knifepoint. He paraded her aroung the restaurant while customers stared in shock. She finally got him to take her bag, which he did before he left.

It's like people don's steal out of desperation anymore, but out of boredom. Or a loss of a sense of themselves and the world, through abuse, illness, whatever. That's really scary. If they're in it for the thrill, then what kind of leverage do you have in the situation? You can only pray to whatever you believe in that they leave you intact.

And where do I find my solace but in cinema? *thematic spoilers ahead*

And how interesting that the Dark Knight should resonate so deeply with me this day! Heath Ledger's Joker was a brilliant character, who was often terrifyingly right about the world he lived in. I loved the question he posed to the poeple of the city, and how ultimately, the people chose hope.

The impassioned, good man Dent, who represented what we wish we could be, and who ultimately was forced by circumstance to abandon himself in wild fury (haven't we all imagined brutally mauling the guy who cut us off on the road? We're kept from turning mediaeval only by our own strength of will, I fear).

And Bruce, wow! I just so love Christian Bale again. Though really, this story was not that much about him as it was about the people.

Which is why I quote the Joker for my post title, as the state of the people's consciousness has been like white noise in my head for a while now. Or more accurately, the consciousness, the conscience, of the leaders of the people.

Speaking of movies, head on over to Los Dan Faun
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♛ LORD ZARA 札拉 ♛ said...

U've watched Dark Knight?
I am not yet - but based on your review, I will!

shamaine said...

i can't believe your bangsar village story. you must tell me where when we meet.

day by day- i feel like this city isn't safe anymore.

pia said...

Or may be we are kept from turning mediaeval only by our own fear of strength.


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