Thursday, May 1, 2008

Double the Lacklustre

I like Neil Diamond. He's a nice, sweet, sincere kinda guy as far as I know. I like his music. You know, one or two ripping songs, like Crunchy Granola. The rest *sigh* is a wall of indistinguishable sincere guitar music that's not really my thing. Unless it's John Denver or Simon & Garfunkel, where almost every song you hear is catchy. I like catchy.

So maybe it was because I'm not a huuuge fan of Neil Diamond, though I like one or two songs and think he's nice. Or it could be that almost all of the Idols just gave boring lacklustre performances.

David Cook sang well on both songs, though he's starting to close his eyes in a creepy way again.
David A's first song I liked, because he gave it that pop vibe which I like. He seems to have come alive for a few moments.
I really liked Syesha's vocal tone on her first song.
It was nice to hear Castro's lower tones on the first song, but for me, it's too little, too late.

I want Brooke to go today. I want to see her sorry expression as she goes, in retribution for subjecting me to it unnecessarily all these weeks. She's like a condescending kindergarten teacher who talks to adults the way she talks to her students.

Since Carly has been dropped, I must appoint a new Idol. Because she was always my favourite, I will have to decide via a process of elimination.

Not Brooke.
Not Castro.
Not Syesha.

So it's between Davids A and C. I love little David A but I feel like he's a bit of a Zombie onstage, kinda like he's going through the motions. Perhaps it's his youth or he's been doing this for so long he's over it. Seems a little disconnected.

And though I started out being a little uncomfortable with Creepy Eyes, there was a point at which his musicianship, his charm and very gracious manner towards the judges, won me over a little bit.

So my new Idol: David Cook. Go David! And keep them eyes from rolling back in your head when you close them!



shamaine said...


I'm being realistic okay? As much as I like Castro- I don't see him as Idol material.So...COOK FOR IDOL!

mamasan said...

yay! you've come around!

Anonymous said...

what's your take on Clinton and Obama appearing on Idol as guest opinionators?

mamasan said...

I am not certain about their policies, so I can only comment about their personalities, which seem pleasant or charismatic enough.

I don't think a huge pop/talent contest is the place to possibly do your grandstanding though, so generally I am not for politicians doing that unless they are officiating some kind of huge for-the-people thing that benefits everyone in the nation.


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