Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wish 8 was 4

After tonight we have another eight weeks of Idol and I am getting a little weary of the four that must go: Ramiele, Syesha, Kristy Lee (ohmygod-Kristy-Lee-who-keeps-voting-her-in???) and Jason Castro.

Simon is absolutely right, though so insulting. Whoever dresses Carly should be shot. She looks a like a two-dollar mallrat or check-out chick. She's still my winner, though, even if America votes her out. I seriously doubt she will win. With guys like Davids Cook and Archuleta and Michael Johns as competition, she doesn't really stand up in the coolness factor. The dresser must be killed!

OMG I forgot all about Brooke. Her "different" is getting irritating. What's with barefoot being cool? Put some shoes on, you irritating flower-girl. Don't think she will be out tonight though. Definitely one of the first four mentioned above. My bet? Ramiele, though I am a-hankering for a Kristy Lee free-for-all. If I were America, I'd kick her out for making me not vote her out. And because I consider myself a PG-rated blogger, I have refrained from saying "for making me take it up the ***." Not me, see? America. Stunts like that can backfire, Kristy. You need to go.

MIchael. What's with the fugly? Cravats are for cigar-smoking, middle-aged rich people who don't need to impress anyone.. You, however, do. Open shirt down to there is the way to go, hon.

Thanks for admitting your derivative form, David. Somehow you look better this week. Someone take the brillo pad off Syesha's head. Why don't I like her?

Hoping Kristy goes. Fingers an toes crossed!


PahNur said...

Can't say Kristy is sleeping with one of the judges. It would have been a brilliant conspiracy theory, except that Idol works by voting system. The voting system has it's wonderments..take MAWI for example..who can explain THAT.

I hope that rocker who loves to read (i'm very bad with names) gets to at least top 4. Chinky is good but no originality. Hmm...tricky...

PahNur said...

i mean, chakezee...oops..

mamasan said...

yes, i have often wondered about mawi... though i think the judges' comments can seriously break a contestant's chances, and so they do have some influence over the voting.

can't wait for th final three!


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