Wednesday, February 13, 2008

They're Baaaack.

(PS I don't own these pictures)

World-class drama.
Freakazoids and Psychopaths.
Sweat. Tears.

Simon. (everybody say aaaah).

Americal Idle is back. A charming way to occupy oneself for the better part of three or four months.

We're down to 24 now, which will be announced. I have my favourites already, and I hope they make it to the final twelve:

Top Five Favourites: (in no particular order)

Irishwoman Carly Smithson, who sang a fantastic version of Heart's "How Can I Get You Alone?"
Sweetie David Archuleta, who has a voice like butter and honey
Little my-home-is-my-car Josaiah Leming, but I'm hoping the charm doesn't wear off because he really seems lovely. Not a great fan of his voice, just his performance style and personality
Ozzie Michael Johns who took a risk with "Bohemian Rhapsody" and blew us all away
Asia' h Epperson, a woman with a kick-ass voice and drive that puts us all to shame

Next Top Five Favourites:

Rocker nurse Amanda Overmyer, though she's sexy and confident, I'd like to see more range.
Leo Marlowe
Danny Noriega
Ramiele Malubay, love her vocal tone.
David Cook

We'll see tomorrow night if any of my favourites made it to the top 24!!

Lovey, C

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