Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Long Giggle

I was reading the paper and noticed a headline which I knew my girls would be interested in, as they had been getting into Posh, Scary, Ginger, Sporty and Baby over the last week.

"Wow! The Spice Girls each made ten million pounds in the last month! Isn't that amazing?"

Baby One looked at me for a puzzled moment, trying to make sense of what I was saying. I wondered how I was going to explain the currency exchange and the value of the ringgit against the pound.

With big, round, curious eyes, she said, "Oh. Fat, ah?"


shamaine said...

I think it sucks that they've cut short their tour- clearly it was just something they wanted to do to earn some money.


pye:rudz said...

this is one good joke chris!


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