Monday, August 20, 2007

Bon Anniversaire!

Since this year will see the 34th anniversary of my birth, I think it only fitting that I shall be spending it being lathered, scrubbed, rinsed, massaged and fed. Hopefully I will be hand-rolled into the back seat of my car and driven home, so that I need not use my newly-massaged muscles until morning.

Since finishing Enemy I have been distracted. No, not the kind of distraction one associates with staring, Helena Boham-Carter-crazy eyes, nor with twirling hair round one's fingers muttering curses involving others' privates, no. Real distraction, the kind that happens when you should be watching the road, but instead are texting some meaningless message to some random person because if you don't do it now you will forget and they will hate you and oops did i just smear that pedestrian across two lanes of traffic?

It's called Facebook, and yes, even hubby boo has been entranced by its honey sticky fingers and now lies wriggling limpidly in its venus flytrap clasp.

That's why two weeks no hear from me one.

Actually, we went on holiday, a lovely trip to Singapore which never began because we detoured in Malacca and ended up staying. By the way, the crocodile farm is being renovated and don't bother going there for at least a month. We went to the tourist museum by the fort wall gate in town (the famous one I can't remember the name of), really only because we were escaping from the heat - and ended up having a rather emotional moment listening to Tunku's address to the nation which played as we approached one of the miniature reenactments on display. Don't know much about him, having left Malaysia for study abroad when just 11, but he seemed to have such hope for the future, and it made me so happy to hear someone with real hope in their voice, and also so sad that we really have disappointed that hope, in all ways except perhaps economically.

Anyway, Malacca was loads of fun and very relaxing.

But Facebook called every night and me and hubby boo had to log in and out of our accounts repeatedly each night so that we could check our updates (sharing one computer). He had online cards to play and I had people to beat at online Scrabble. Then the Scrabble application went down. I almost died. Then hubby boo found a real live scrabble board to buy and we played two long games. Eeeyer, he's so competitive.

Back in KL, me and a bunch of friends had a games evening, playing Balderdash, Ex Libris and a little Taboo. It was lohoooaaads of fun and more people should take up board games so that we don't end up computer-locked, anti-social, pale fishes of humanity ;p

Lovey, C

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