Monday, August 27, 2007

Bapa's Nation

Would he be happy?

My and Panini's birthday are coming up and we are dreading the gridlock that no doubt will accompany the Independence Day celebrations. Been hankering for another games afternoon and would rather spend a day with like-minded people exercising our wit and sharing our friendship than fighting irate patriots for parking space.

So how was my 33rd year?

Spent the last part of 06 being a real good mummy and wondering how other mummies ever kept a hold of themselves while taking care of children 24/7.

Spent much time doing what i was able to do, not what i wanted to do.

Spent more time making the final step out of tv production.

Have been doing voice over work and earning good money for having fun being all sorts of different characters. Watch out for it on Cartoon Network. Not sure if I can reveal the name of the programme yet, but just know that the title has three words beginning with "p" in it and it's about mythical sea creatures who sing.

Got offered work by good friend Jobby, and found the experience to be one of the finest in my short list of theatre productions. She is truly a gifted actor and an actor's director in a very subtle, suggestive way. Her respect for us was empowering, even though she did make me wear an ugly hat.

Was offered work under a director I very much admire and have really wanted to work with again - more on that later.

Have been enjoying brilliant company with some old and new friends, both in real life and on facebook (it's not a plug. I sincerely love facebook very much. facebook is now family).

This year is also significant for me and hubby boo - it will be our tenth anniversary. I'm so tired from keeping a pace I didn't set for myself, that I just don't want some big bash, just quiet and family, maybe some friends.

Puasa is coming up, and today I feel cynical about it. Every year, everyone slows down and becomes cranky, rude, righteous and judgmental. I thought we were supposed to bring ourselves closer to God with fasting? Still, I'm hoping with my desire to lay low, I won't be witness to such crapy behaviour during the holy month.

So I ask again, would Bapa be proud of what we are now?

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