Saturday, August 4, 2007

anyone know what damper is?

Damper: a traditional australian bread cooked in an underground oven, covered with dirt and rocks for insulation. Delicious, but often rock-like in appearance and texture. Here is a picture:

I put one on my head during our rehearsal Thursday night. The lovely Ben Tan (Mr Tadano in Sumolah) took these photos of us and sent me a copy.

Me and damper with Cheryl Tan, who plays my daughter, Petra.

Me and damper with U En Ng, who plays my father, Morten Kiil.

There are rumours going round that I share the same DNA with my mother and daughter, but not my father. Apparently Mrs Kiil was getting some on the side from some white fler. You make the connection!

Friday night we had a preview night with a small audience, to pretty good response.

However, the only way you will ever know if it is any good, is to SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF, hint hint.

Show starts proper tonight, with a matinee which is sold out, on Sunday. After that, it's every night from Tuesday till Saturday at 8.30pm and another matinee next Sunday at 3pm. Tickets are RM35 and RM20 for seniors, students and disabled. Cheap!

Book ahead with credit card, or purchase your tickets from the Box Office at KLPAC, Sentul Park, Jalan Strachan, off Jalan Ipoh.

Partake in the glory of the damper...

If you haven't heard yet, Sumolah has been nominated in seven categories for the Malaysian Film Festival being held in Penang tonight. I think there is a live broadcast, but I am not sure which channel. Good luck to Afdlin Shauki (nominated for Best Actor), Patrick Teoh (Best Supporting Actor) ad the cast, crew and film!!!


Lee said...

Good luck with the show, I hope you sell the place out every time! wish I could be there to see it.

machfairy said...

All the best with the show, C :)

I'll bring my pom-poms some time next week!

shamaine said...

hahaha...for the first 5 minutes of your appearance my eyes were fixed on the damper.


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