Friday, May 18, 2007


In Berita Harian today Sumolah was ranked No 3 in the Box Office listings. It has collected in excess of 700k in the last week, which is pretty good for a local movie (outstanding I would say!)

What gets to me is that it has been deemed in some quarters as a box office failure and thus, despite the so-called protection of our Wajib Tayang certificate, these detractors want to reduce or even end screnings of the movie.

Despite rave reviews in the press and our fabulous fans, we are all facing a wall of cynicism about the success of our movie, ad believe me, it is coming from what should be a neutral party. I would love to say it was a political industry motive, but sad to say, it is all about the money.

Spidey is showing almost 20 times per day in at least two cinema halls per venue in some cities. Sumolah is showing 5 times a day in one hall at the most, and it is already being written off.

Well, this is a business and I can see that. Whatever makes the money wins.

So I ask you. What kind of protection do we really see under this scheme? As I've posited before, what real advantages does a producer have?

Today, I can safely say, none. The fate of any local movie is still safely in the hands of any money-monger from whom this scheme is meant to protect us.

Except for the goodwill of two out of three distributors, Sumolah would have been pulled from distribution before the week was out. And only one out of those two faithful distributors NEVER threatened to pull it out. I could kiss their feet for allowing Sumolah the room to breathe and make a stand at the box office over time.

Yes, there are many factors which you could say have contributed, and I have my opinion on that. There have also been many, many valid opinions aired on Afdlin's website.

Most important of all is the sheer amount of support we have received in the first instance with the press, who have lauded the film as significant, powerful and entertaining. And subsequently, the wall of positivity from the fans which rose to our call for help.

Thank you all.

See you in the cinemas!!!

Lovey, C


Anonymous said...

one cinema? they want to bump off Sumolah so they could take back one cinema and have POTC3 and SP3 showing simultaneously? =(

Anonymous said...

Today, I watched Sumo-lah. I was disappointed.

I read Afdlin’s and your blog, and other reviews about Sumo-lah.

So now that I have watched Buli, Buli Balik, Baik Punya Cilok and Sumolah.. I picked BPC as my fav.
It was entertaining and the storyline made me want to stay to see what happen at the end of the movie. It was a creative movie.

But, today, I watched Sumo-lah…utter disappointment for someone like Afdlin to produce such movie quality. I know he has big dreams bringing our movie to another level, introducing our talents to the international viewers…and I salute that. Not everyone has the courage and will to do that. And to actually work your ass off to realize your dreams. My qualm about this movie…You have lined up a good main cast but somehow the story was not told smoothly and creatively…It was way too much for product endorsing and it spoils the movie (You could try something less but suffice like Goal and Gincu…sponsored by Hotlink…)...You dont need pretty face like Miss Hudson with only a few lines to sell the movie, topped up with some not so humorous lines...The movie was draggy and not interesting...

Overall, i was ashamed of the movie..i know afdlin could have produced a better movie. I'm sorry to say that I left before the movie ends. Albeit, looking forward to watch Los and Faun….

mamasan said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks for your comment. One things we have learnt over the years is that we cannot please everybody all of the time. In fact, we have people who look down on BPC and find Buli Balik the better picture. Still, to each his own. We've been very fortunate to find the response to the movie in the international film festival we are visiting has been very good from both asian and european buyers and distributors. Hopefully we will be able to please more people than less! But thanks for your comment, and I hope the Los Dan Faun fufils your expectations enough to watch till the end of the movie!


alex said...

was sunsetdihatiku.. said...

Dear Goldenero,
this is what i sent to Afdlin's YM..

charlene* (5/28/2007 12:13:10 AM): Dear Chief Kodok yg sgt happening, like seriously how not impossible is it to have a Sydney n Melb premiere of SUMOlah? kamon, kamon!! 3 weeks back we had the premier of indonesia's Jakarta Undercover in Sydney n Melb organised by my frens at the indo society. what do u reckon? can we try to have one for your baby( the movie )? we charge ppl to watch it.. the profit can go which ever way that you want.. but it will be nice for us anak2 malaysia di OZ to get the chance to watch a malaysian movie, relatively soon after its release.. or at least before the vcd/dvd keluar.. please consider : )

your support and/or feedback is much appreaciated.

the scale of the screening can be discussed before picking the best option.. i really hope we can do this.

Just a fan.


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