Thursday, March 15, 2007

I'm coming out... I want the world to know!

No, not me. I'm talking about the great Ms Diana Ross, who appeared on Idol last night. She turned out to be quite a sweetie who didn't mind being straight up either.

So I was wrong about Sabrina Sloan. Poor girl was trounced at the final hour and didn't make it to the top 12. The one who beat her to it was Haley, who did quite a good job last night, though I don't think she will last too long in the competition.

One person I am disappointed with was actually my most favourite, Sanjaya. Dude! What's with the hair? Those Shirley Temple curls killed it for me last night. And Simon is right of course, he ain't really singing. Though Paula was right on the money when she said he really needed to let go. Seems to me Sanjaya may be a little afraid of doing that kind of thing. He is obviously popular but people might get pissed off with him being there and vote extra hard to keep their favourites in. Put some soul into it man! Like your first audition, smooth, sweet soul.

So Melinda and Lakisha are really going places. They don't even need to win the competition (which may actually happen if people go for the popularity vote) - they will be snapped up by some producer or other. Still don't understand why Chris R and Blake L are in, though Blake really is a performer and unique too. Vocally, they leave me bored!

So who is going tonight? Probably Sanjaya, and I would agree with that. But, it could also be Haley.

My fresh top 3 prediction? Lakisha, Melinda and either Chris Sligh or Jordin Sparks. I think Melinda will utliamtely win because she is both talented and has a great appeal.

Only 11 more weeks to go!



zona marie said...

gaa.. we haven't got the new season here in Au! *pouts*

sounds like they've got quite a multicultural group this year, frm the names...

machfairy said...


Though her performance topped Sabrina's, I was REALLY hoping for Haley to leave but oh well..


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