Friday, December 1, 2006

French versus Italian

Tony Bourdain (one of many of other tv men in my life) seems to have. Gotten. Funny.

I mean, he was always funny in a nasty, cynical, mean sort of way (which I also enjoyed very much) - but it was always just him and his mean, nasty, cynical yet self-deprecating thoughts. But it seems in his later series him and his whole team have gotten in on th act and have actually made genuinely funny stuff.

I just saw a scene where he was in Sicily, betting with a bunch of old men on a bowls game. After winning all their money, he walked away saying, "You know, for me it may be just a little money, but for them it's everything. And that's what matters."

Then he gets on a moped and says. "Next stop, Century Village," before revving out of frame.

Getting better with age, like De Niro was before he did Analyse This and That.

Watching him in Midnight Run at the mo, and he was so gorgeously funny and sexy.

Is it skinny cranky New Yorkers or is it men good at something they do? I don't know but I have blogged about 5 times today and I think I'm looking for some creative expression to rid myself of this twingey, empty-stomach feeling - a real desire to write but with absolutely nothing to write about.

Robert De Niro in The Godfather, mmmmm. I was about 20 when I saw it and I have never wanted to be an orange so bad.

I think this where the food thing comes into the whole fascination with tv chefs.

Babble babble babble

Somebody please knock me out! Oh, wait, I have a large volume of Shakeseare's Tragedies right here, let me just-


edwin s said...

like wine, the longer it ages, the better it tastes. I never liked Bourdain till I saw this episode. he's not as 'mean' and it was actually fun to watch.

hey, thanks for all the great comments on my pictures. you're just biased cos you lurve me :)

(still going through my pictures for the Malaysia 50)

shamaine said...

i watched the episode when he was in Malaysia,getting drunk on tapai.That was hilarious!


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